[WarMage Battlegrounds] Release Notes for Beta Version 1.8-1.8.x (locked)

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Release Notes for Beta Version 1.8.2

  • Daily bounties properly reset in 24 hours.
  • Corrected Minotaur Warrior’s Retaliation to be 5-15.

Release Notes for Beta Version 1.8.1

  • Fixed the issue that caused you to not be able to see your partner if you sent multiple group invites before the invite was accepted.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Resistance display in the Battle Unit Information Window to be incorrect if a unit defends on a magic sanctuary.

Release Notes for Beta Version 1.8

Burst is excited to announce the 1st of many major updates coming to WarMage Battlegrounds is now LIVE! Highlights include the introduction of Evil Forces and The Corrupted who now roam free in the World of Kator, an interactive world map, new Explore and Survival game modes, loads of solo and coop content versus computer controlled enemies, new Battle Units, Bounties, Achievements, and more!

New Features

  • Two New Game Modes for solo and co-op play versus computer controlled enemies! Explore Mode: Explore the World of Kator and battle against Evil Forces and The Corrupted who now roam free wreaking havoc across the land! Survival Mode: Can you outlast multiple waves of enemy forces?
  • New World of Kator Interactive World Map is now available! Explore and select available content by clicking on regions marked with battle flags.
  • New Non-Playable RacesEvil Forces and The Corrupted now roam the World of Kator. Use caution when engaging in difficult and extreme Explore and Survival battles!
  • New Volume Controls – The volume for Sound Effects and Music can now be adjusted separately.

Content Updates

  • New Battle Units – Meet the Dragonkin Morningstarmaster (capable of crushing damage to single or multiple enemy squads up to 2 hexes away), Elf Galecrafter (summons Air magic to send howling winds at single or multiple enemy squads at a distance; uses Air Magic to fly), Elf Protector (with his living mace, the Protector can crush any single foe unwise enough to approach), Elf Shapeshifter (can take the form of a Cougar, Black Bear or Life Dragon), Giant Juggernaught (crashes into single or multiple enemy squads, often causing them to be smashed backwards; blocks line of sight.), Human Torchwielder (strikes single or multiple squads with two torches causing crushing damage and adding burn), and Minotaur Charger (crashes into enemy squads or pierces a single squad with his sharp horns).
  • New Achievements – 18 new achievements have been added.
  • New Bounties – over 50 daily bounties have been added!
  • New Store Categories – The store is now sub-divided to create a more organized and functional system of pages for you to browse.
  • The WarMage Battlegrounds lore has been updated.
  • New and updated art has been added to a variety of battlegrounds.
  • The amount of healing by units with healing abilities has been increased by 10%.
  • Gold and Prestige earned from Gifts will now display in the Rewards Window.
  • WarMages who drop from a Ranked Battle will be locked-out and prevented from joining any new ranked battles for a period of time.
  • The Dwarven Miner movement is 3 instead of 4.
  • The Dwarf Shaman’s Dwarven Restoration is now range 2 instead of range 5 and applies to any units in a 3 hex row instead of a 7 hex area.
  • Dwarf Shaman health is now 90, up from 70.
  • The Elf Rainmaker’s Chain Lightning ability has been modified to a directional cone instead of a 2 hex range around her.
  • Several of the Giant’s basic attacks have increased in damage.
  • Human and Sinta Champion retaliation corrected to a normal retaliation.
  • Mists of Lycanthropy has had its round duration correctly set to 2.
  • The mana cost of Standing Wave is now 360 instead of 330.
  • The duration of Thicket Spell has reduced by 1.
  • Bounties now display their unlock date-time in a more user-friendly manner by showing how much time remains until they unlock.
  • The 10 female outfits formerly just known as Genevan have been updated with their intended name of Genevan Mail and their descriptions have been changed to “Finely crafted links make this Genevan battle outfit both protective and as light as possible.”
  • The /w command now opens the WarMages In-Game panel of the Social window.
  • You can now “Examine” WarMages from the WarMages In-Game panel.
  • The Chat window will now stay active on top of any loading screens.


  • A bug causing the Battle is Full error has been resolved.
  • Repeatable Challenge Bounties will now properly reward a redeemable gift similar to Battle Bounties instead of adding gold directly to your inventory.
  • Ignore now properly ignores Clan invites.
  • One of the Wandering Tunic prices was incorrectly set. It has been corrected.
  • Pause request text has been shortened.
  • The text for exiting the Tutorial now says “Quit Tutorial” instead of “Surrender.”
  • Various grammar, punctuation, and capitalization corrections.
  • Killing your own units will no longer count toward achievements.

Known Issues

  • Sending someone multiple group invites before he or she has responded to your request will cause you to not be able to see your partner once the invite is accepted. This will be resolved in a future update. Until then, have the person you invited disband the group and then you can reform.
  • On occasion, a Region’s information window may be missing some content. This will be resolved in a future update. Until then, you can close out of the game and reload it to populate the Region.