[Waraxe] June 26th - Some changes

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Heroes of Tygoria,

here a few new things that we have added over the last weeks.

Not entirely new, but we have added more units for PvE and PvP to the merchant in R5 The drop chance for tokens and items/units in R4 and R5 has been slightly increased. You now also have the chance to get 2 tokens.. The difficulty of the epic quest in R5 for the AoE has (reluctantly) been decreased a little bit. Items and unit prices in Region 4 and 5 have been decreased by roughly 20%. You can now convert 20 tokens from one region prior to your current region to 1 token of your current region. You can convert 15 Token of Honor to 1 Token of Valor at any merchant’s.
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Thank you very much for the exchangeable token of valor.