[Waraxe] July 2nd - Epic bossR5

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Heroes of Tygoria,

for those of you who are fighting in Winterfall mountains, a new challenge has presented itself: The lair of the mighty crystalwyrm has been dicovered in a cave beneath Chillblain Mountains.

Travel there at your own risk and fight the crystalwyrm and its frosty minions.

Do the red quest in R5 to get a summoning item.

Some of the new items you can buy with Crystal Tokens are trying to close some gaps and have been suggested by the community. This time we only have one new donation item, the „Banner of conflict.“

If the crystalwyrm is well received we probably will add more units, maybe even some new gargantuan ones.

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Thank you for the update. New gargantuan for AOE is always welcome.

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Crystal Wyrm, R5 boss.
Overall army strength ~7k
Damage types: water (main), melee, death.
Resistances: water (10-20 each unit).
Formation: 4-5-7(or even 8?)-1, same as best one from reinforcements atm.
Has not so big damage, some healing, solid amount of damage blocking, a lot of fearing and a lot of ressurections. Also one hero has active ability dealing 9999 damage to 1 target :P .
AND WILD BUNNIES with death damage and skills like “evil incarnate”. Totally evil.
In our guild there are few players that can scratch it for some small damage and one that can deal up to 5k per hit. Good luck killing that bastard :) .
P.S. I so want to see water damage gargantuan for AoE, but I guess that would be too imba :P .