[Immortal Empire]Shop Changes

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I think it would be alot better for players to have a higher availability of items, given that they’re only availble in store; assuming you intend to ever get items above level 10 (15 if you grind Junji) so i’d like to suggest a reformat of the store.

Instead of having 1-10, 2-20 etc ‘tabs’ and then 50 random items of these ranges, separated into types.
Have a ‘tab’ for each type of item, separated into each level range. Then populate the ‘tabs’ with 100 random items from the full level range.

This way there’s always the item you want available and it increases the amount of items available to players.

If you actually think about it, the very limited number of items in the store actually not only limits the likelyhood of finding a usable piece of equiment but also the number of active players the game can accommodate. As if there’s no gear in store there’s no gear for anyone, and if there’s only 1/2 usuable bits and they get bought then again, there’s nothing usuable left to accommodate more palyers.

I’ve heard almost every one comment on the active player base, there just isn’t really ever more than 20 people in the game, which is dissappointing as the game is good, and very enjoyable.