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Greeting Bashers,

To celebrate 4th of July, we have a brand new update for the game incoming! All the weapons in the game will be purchasable for a day for the low price of 0 tickets(FREE!!). This is a very special 1-day-only offer so be sure to check the game & get awesome free stuff listed below-

July 4th updates:

In-game chat: Just hit ‘enter’ when you are ingame and the chat window will pop up. hit ‘enter’ again to hide it.

Free Tryouts: On July 4th all weapons, including token-only ones, will be available for a one-day try-out, with no level requirement.

50% Discounts: Also on July 4th, all token purchased weapons will be 50% off.

Pro Tip: Experience Bonus. Since you will have all the weapons in your collection during this day, you’ll be at least Collector Level 16. This gives you 100% bonus for both ticket earning and experience earnings.

Available now:

9 New Toys – Ninja Pack
1 New Level – Bad Place 2

…& bugs fixes and performance optimizations!

See you in the game

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Good stuff, really good stuff.

Hope we can bring as much players as this game deserves. By the way, I also have an update in my thread for you too, it’s a way to say thanks ;)


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damn… i missed it T.T