[Berserk: The Cataclysm] The thin line between a free game and a free demo

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There are three kinds of free games: the ones really free, the ones with some eye candy premium content you’ll live without if you want to, and the ones that allow you to play for free in a sandbox version of the game, in an attempt to get the players hooked and convert them to subscribers.

before some genius replies with “I got by OK with only free cards and owned all content in one week” lets congratulate you on your awesome gaming skillz, and look at the average joe plight, so please keep your awesomeness away from this thread.

1 – The paid cards are more powerful than the free ones. Before you argue both sets have promos, compare a standard booster with a pro booster. a player that gets N pro boosters is stronger than one with N standard ones.

2 – The top tower improvements are ounces-only; and a lot of them to boot.

3 – Everywhere you are showcased the cool stuff that is money-only (pro cards on barbarians.

4 – There is no way to earn free ounces besides doing shitty surveys.

5 – As you get stronger (level up) the enemy (NPC) force gets stronger faster than you do. You do not feel more powerful, and are faced with 3 choices, wait (to earn imps from lands, etc), grind or pay. No problem with grinding, but you will be grinding lose money.

6 – On these new “PVP” battles, you will be pounded by the promo ridden paid player’s decks. And even if they use mostly standard cards, they used their power boost from professional cards to rake in the imperials needed to build their decks.

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There are different schools of thought on what constitutes well-designed microtransactions as a game business model. I am squarely in the camp that believes that games such as this one should not restrict any content from free players and that those willing to pay should always be buying convenience and not power. James Portnow of The Escapist is a noted game designer who writes brilliantly on this topic, incidentally. I think the best thing he’s said is “Never, ever sell power.” Which I agree with 100% … so your post is, in my view, extremely valid, and actually supported by a lot of the best game designers.

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go brother burguer! spread the truth.