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I’ve made about 6 accounts so far. Wanted to test out different ways how the initial grinding would work. I think the game needs to rethink how to the initial grinding should happen as it’s too huge a curve to get into this game. More specifically, once your 1-2 gold packs purchased and through the story mode campaign level, your pretty much stuck and barely can contend in hard mode. The ability to save up 15K to get one of those heroes is really an initial necessity, but even with that, you still need to grind a lot.

Overall, I just kind of wish this game made the ‘grinding’ less obvious. I really wanted to just appreciate the initial cards given, play against AI, but new player’s need to be way too conscious of their gold purchases and grinding to unlock too much. Perhaps, if the “skirmish” mode should be elaborated on more so it becomes a main game button and you can just get rewarded by playing that vs being forced through the campaign grind.

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I don’t know what your’e talking about. I’ve beaten hard and I’m halfway through insane with a tier 1 hero. It’s not that hard. And no, i didn’t pay for cards or anything, only the cards i have gotten through gold packs and through normal mode campaign. Not to mention you get 5 gems every time you kill the boss ( battle 10 ) for the first time in a chapter on each mode. If you save up 60 gems that’s a free tier 2 hero.

Don’t focus so much on the money aspect and just enjoy the game. It goes by and you get the money along the way anyway. And skirmish doesn’t give gold for a reason. You have the other Arena modes in which you can earn money with, whether you lose or not. Don’t think of the campaign as grinding anyway. Grinding IMO would be repeating the same mission over and over ( which is kinda stupid ), and nothing is forcing you to go to the campaign anyway.

Besides, if you didn’t make 6 accounts and just played with one, you would know saving up gems and farming gold is easy.

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I am with Kureigu also remember guilds + live play tournaments are soon to come if you’re looking for more content.