[Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Gold usage conundrum

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I am a lvl 37 Fall hunter.

I have accumulated a bit over 1100 gold by logging in regularly, and I’ve decided now was the time for cashing in, getting a lvl 125-130 wep, and soloing all the way to Lizzie. (Right now I’m stuck at Reed, due to lack of firepower)

I am now wondering whether it would be more efficient to unlock a good soloing class and buy my weapon for that class, or whether I should stick to my class.

I would like your advice. If you think I should switch, which class should I switch to?

Thanks for your advice!

PS: I have already bought a Heartwood totem, if that changes anything.

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No need of swapping to a better soloer. Gold does miracles and my Priest (terribad for soloing due to a REAL lack of firepower) can solo Lizzie since level ~85. I say you should get a weapon and if anything remains, get Cata Ring (believe me, it speeds up. A lot.)

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