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I been steadily getting better (average wave 120ish on a decent game. but I have a few questions on some gameplay elements.

1. I remember reading somewhere that an officer put in a pillbox would not be able to raise moral, add TP, or reduce flankers for as long as hes in the pillbox. Is this true?

2. If I put a unit on the very edge of a pillbox will enemies try to engage that unit?

3. Is the shotgun a really good weapon for a maxed soldier or scout at close range?

4. Does anyone have any good experience with the Fifty? Whenever I tend to buy it it seems to miss more often then not and rank up slowly. Is there a point where if you buy it early enough or get a +5 rifle/gun crate or two where it become good?

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1) Yes, officer orders are disabled inside pillboxes.

2) Certain units will try to engage it. I wrote an article about it here: http://mudandblood.net/html/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=2729

3) At close range, shotguns are good for infantry with high experience. At long range, not so much. Keep in mind that putting your troops in close range to enemy troops also puts your unit at high risk.

4) Fifties are best deployed when your defense is completely set up. They do indeed rank slowly, but steadily. Their job is really to pin units and kill vehicles such as 222s.

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Thanks. I think I can use some of this to hit 200 waves.