[Dungeon Inquisitor] Tutorial crash

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Unfortunately the tutorial is implemented very badly. I had a bug when questioning a prisoner and reloaded the game. Now the tutorial starts again and I am stuck with having to buy an imp, but now I do not have a slot for an imp, so I can not do anything in the game until you fix this issue.

I do not want to play the tutorial, as I already played the game some months ago outside kongregate. Anyway, you need to allow people to do other things than the tutorial, or at least fix these bugs so that one day I can play the game.

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“Click here to summon a new creature” – But I can not click, because I have four imps, one of them actually dead. Unfortunately I can not click anywhere except for forum and faq. Would it be possible to reset or delete my account in this game so that I can give the tutorial another try?

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yes, you can restart the game and initialize the dungeon at the first page of the tutorial.

Thank you for your report.