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In Clash: Rise of Heroes, I’ve made this comment:

Levekling up shoould give you stat points or something, that you can use to permanently make a hero stronger (higher health/strength). There cann be a capacity, depending on the Powersets, like 7/60 for Might and 5/90 for Water. Each upgrade mighgt cost more than the last, like 5 points for 3 strerngth, and 10 foer 4, or 3 points for 45 healtgh, and 5 for 50. The cost might also depend on the Poweraset, likte costing 2 points for 45 health instead of 3 for Energy Powersets. This is just a suggestion, and I just weant a little more variety in the heroes, instead of just what the can use. Besides, the enemies have a good variety of stats, so why can’t we?

In response, makingfun replied:

Thanks for the input. However, making a change like this would put a heavy balance shift on player level for PvP, which would require us to put much tighter level gap brackets for the match maker. As it stands now, the only difference between a level 100 and a level 30 (aside from experience) is the available neutral cards. This difference usually doesn’t play much of a part in the outcome of a match, which is why we currently match players up based on their fame. The result is a much larger pool of players, reducing your time in the queue, thereby increasing your XP gained over a period of time.

I wanted to make a follow-up suggestion, but didn’t want to post a separate comment, and if I PM’d makingfun, I wouldn’t know how others would feel about it. Besides, the forums seem to have more comments than the comments. Anyways, considering the fact that the health is increased by ten for PvP, it seems likely that they could be fixed, therefore allowing hero upgrades would not affect the PvP at all, except people might level-up quicker, but level does not affect PvP much, according to the response. And according to the last sentence, faster leveling seems to be encouraged in Clash: Rise of Heroes.