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We are stoked to be working with the great team at Kongregate to bring Vorp here to its new happy home!

Things to know about Vorp

  • Full How to Play Guide
  • Vorp is a “DotA-like” game. That means it is competitive and team based with real players on both sides. Teams that work together and communicate tend to win. Teams that complain about each other and don’t help each other tend to lose.
  • There is a lot to learn in Vorp. Don’t be discouraged if you make a lot of mistakes and die a lot, it’s part of learning the game. Try out every available ship. Try different ways of spending your upgrade points during a match. Try different ways of attacking the enemy capital ship.
  • Try ships and tactics out in Solo Practice mode so you can learn at your own pace.
  • If you like Vorp, the best way to grow the community is to be friendly and helpful to new players. Share what you’ve learned, be supportive and forgiving of new players making mistakes, encourage your team to stay positive. A big part of these games is playing with other people, how fun that is is completely up to you!
  • A good rule of thumb is to act like you would playing a sport together with others in real life… if you’re a jerk and negative, people won’t want to play with you again. If you are a good sport and remember to have fun, more people will want to play again. The more people that are playing, the quicker you can find your next match.
  • Don’t forget to rate Vorp with 5 stars to help other people on Kongregate discover it!

We really hope you have fun playing because we have a HUGE backlog of features, ships, and new stuff we want to keep adding to the game in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

We will be adding more information on the game here in the forums, and also on the game’s official website at http://vorp.endgames.net and Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/VorpTheGame.

Let us know what you like, what you are confused about, and what you hope to see next here in the forums. We always listen closely to constructive feedback! Most importantly: Have fun and WIN!

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