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Full How To Play Guide

Who Are You?
You are a Commander. Your deep space armada is engaged in a battle with an enemy armada. You are responsible for D efense o f t he A rmada.

What Are You Supposed To Do?
Commanders control a chosen space fighter pilot and their ship during the course of a battle teamed with 4 other commanders. Every pilot and ship has completely unique loadouts (weapons and abilities) and may require different approaches to how you play a match. The objective is to destroy the enemy capital ship’s energy core.

You will notice the energy cores are shielded, and cannot be damaged until those shields are down. The capital ships are equally matched at the start of the game, and are slowly draining each other’s shields in the larger scale attack. You can see how much shield energy remains by the big numbers in the UI that are slowly decaying in value.

The energy cores are connected via energy conduits to several shielding devices around the capital ship. There are two types: shield batteries, and shield emitters. Destroying a shield battery will cause a huge chunk of shield energy to dissipate immediately. Destroying a shield emitter will greatly increase the rate at which the shield energy is decaying. However, all shielding devices are themselves shielded until their linked defensive turret towers are destroyed.

It also consumes some of the capital shields energy to reconstruct a Commander controlled ship if it explodes. This means every time you destroy an enemy player, you are effectively weakening the energy core shielding as well.

How Do You Play?
To play, you first have to be matched with 9 other people to make two teams of five. Once you are matched up and everyone is ready (or the countdown finishes), the game will begin. The game takes place on the exterior of two opposing capital ships that are engaged in battle, broadside each other. Each capital ship has numerous automated defenses, such as towers, drone fighters and shield devices. Commanders are in control of the specialized space fighters flying between the capital ships.

All Commander ships will start at Level 1, around your capital ship’s energy core. You must defend this core, while at the same time trying to destroy the enemy’s energy core on the opposite end of the map.

Energy Is Your Life and Your Ammo
A unique aspect of Vorp is that a single pool of energy is used for everything: weapons, abilities, shields, afterburners, life support. VORP (Volatile Output Radiation Particles) is the basis of all energy in the game. When it reaches a zero point, it explodes!

You do not have “hit points” or “life” separate from your energy pool. This means if you use up too much energy blasting your guns and spamming abilities, you will be an easy target for a counter attack. You will be much more deadly if you are smart about timing your tactics instead of just zooming into a fight with afterburners on and guns blazing.

Your ship’s energy regenerates slowly automatically, and improves with hull upgrades. You can also restore energy quickly at friendly depots, and by collecting drifting green VORPs you may see after destroying enemies.

Manage your energy carefully!

Upgrading Your Ship
You level up your ship for upgrades by collecting ATOMs (Asymptotic Transitional Omni-Molecules). You gain ATOMs through battling the enemy. If you kill an enemy, assist in a kill, or are simply nearby a kill, you will gain an automatic ATOM bounty. Once your ATOM levels reach the next level tier, you will level up!

You can also collect bonus ATOMs in your cargo by flying over any drifting purple crystals you see; bonus ATOMs must be deposited at a friendly depot before you die or they will be scattered for enemies to collect. If you have a full cargo, find a depot quickly!

Every time you level up, you get one upgrade point to spend. You can spend upgrade points on any of your four loadouts, or you can spend it on a hull upgrade. Experiment with different orders of spending your points throughout a match, it can make a HUGE difference in your effectiveness at various points in the game.

The higher level you are, the longer it will take to reconstruct your ship. So… try not to die, while at the same time trying to score kills on enemy Commanders.

Match Rewards Every Time You Play
Every match you play, you will gain EXP (Commander Experience) and Bang! (or B!, short for Clichebangium) which is the most precious material in the known universe of Vorp. Even if you lose a match you will still come away with some EXP and B!

EXP will level up your Commander Rank, which will unlock access to more Commander Operations and Tech Module slots. Ops and Tech can be used to customize your chosen pilot and ship even further in a match.

You gain B! for completing various achievements and accomplishing certain feats in every match, such as destroying a turret tower, or taking out a shielding device. B! can be spent on unlocking new pilots and ships with devastating new abilities, and you can spend it on Tech mods as you increase your Commander Rank.

Teamwork Is Everything
The winning teams always support each other, coordinate and communicate. Use the in-game chat to time your attacks together to maximize your strength, pay attention to the minimap and alerts to counter enemy pushes, and help your allies when they need it.

Learn Something New Every Battle
There is a lot of depth to learn and master in Vorp. Every pilot and ship are unique, it can take many games to become proficient at any one of them. It can take many more to become deadly and understand the best use of any pilot and ship in all situations.

When you are new, expect to die a lot and lose a lot of matches while you are learning. Don’t get upset about it. A loss is not a loss if you learn something that you can apply in your next battle. Remember: everyone started as a noob at some point!