[WarFlow] Improvements after July 11 maintenance

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1.Paper Rebellion
2.Treasure Rush
3.MCU highest price fixed at 20 gold and no VIP purchase requirement.
4.Opening inventory slots and totem slots 30% off.

1.Tower Event
2.Starsoul slot cost 20% off
3.Hero slot cost 20% off
4.Starsoul protection 50% off
5.Supreme improve 30% off

Tower Event
Finish the quests in each tower level and win plenty of rewards.
Duration: July 11 maintenance to Aug 1 maintenance
1.You can view the quests by clicking the new icon “Blade” in the City interface.
2.There are 7 levels in the tower.

3.All players start from level 1. Next level unlocks after both completing all current level quests and receiving the rewards for clearing this level.
4.The effective time of quests for each level is from receiving the rewards from previous level to leaving this level.

5.Incomplete quests are grey. Completed quests are colored.

6.Dividend reward: You receive extra rewards for reaching level fast.

There are 4 types of rewards.
1.Quest reward: Reward for completing each quest. Higher tower level quest gives better reward.

2.Level reward: Reward for completing each level, High level gives better reward. Receiving this reward will unlock next level.

3.Dividend reward: This reward is only available for tower level 3 or above. A player will receive dividend reward*(number of players who reach this tower level after him). Higher tower level gives better dividend reward. However current dividend reward will be unavailable upon unlocking the next tower level. Therefore it is important that you claim the dividend reward before unlocking next tower level.

4.Daily reward: Reward for the current level. Each player can claim this reward once every day. Higher tower level gives better daily reward.

1.Next level unlocks when all current quests are completed and the level rewards are claimed.
2.Each quest can be only completed once for each player.
3.DovoGame is not responsible for any loss caused by poor network connection.
4.All rights reserves by DovoGame.

Starsoul slot cost 20% off
Duration: July 11 maintenance to July 18 maintenance
Hero slot cost 20% off
Duration: July 11 maintenance to July 18 maintenance
Starsoul protection 50% off
Duration: July 11 maintenance to July 18 maintenance
Supreme improve 30% off
Duration: July 11 maintenance to July 18 maintenance

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Anyone wanna post the link to the Dovo site so we can see what quests are required for each level? (The actual details of the quests)

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On tier 2 one of the quests is to defeat Elite Legion. Found my answer.
You have to defeat the areans to win this contest.

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Does anyone know what the later level quests are?
I searched around on the dovo forum and found the christmas ones, but some seem to have changed (level 3 required 40 mcu used, not 50 for example)

I’m guessing that most likely only amounts have changed, but if anyone is at lvl 4 or 5 and is willing to post I’d greatly appreciate it.

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Tier 4 Quests

1. Attack other players and win 30 times.
2. Get 50 Enhance Cards.
3. Get 1 equipments of red or red quality.
4. Get 200 Gold(by levy, levy questions or recharge.)
5. Levy questions appear 20 times.

Hope this helps you prepare, Save an many silver/collector boxes :)

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Stuck for 3 days on levy gold drops. This is completely unfair as there was 1 person who completed tier 3 when i moved there and I am still waiting for gold drops. Levied over 60 times. I am really getting close of quitting.

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Tier 5 quests

1, Description:Attack players of enemy countries and meet levy questions 50 times. Condition of completing the task: Attack other players and win 50 times. 
Levy questions appear 50 times. 2. Description:Get more and more RPs to go to Top 100. Condition of completing the task: Top 100 RP ranking in the server.
3.Description:Improve heroes and make their attributes unparalleled. Condition of completing the task: All extra Str. Dex. and Int. obtain from improving of any hero are above 100
4.Description:Unlock all the Warspirit mentors and have all the textile merchants. Condition of completing the task: Unlock all Warspirit mentors.
Have all textile merchants.

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Apparently you have to stat with a hero who has all stats lower then 100 to qualify for the task on Tier 5.

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you don’t have to have a hero who’s stats are all below 100 for trip stat quest. My lucam had +138 int when i started and trip statted him for the 5th tier quest with no problem just maybe they cant have multiple stats over 100.

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INtersting but Dracojame started with 118/77/83 and after all stats went over 100 did not trigger the quest so I started a 2nd hero Yosa who had no stats at 100 and after improving them all to over 100 still did not get a complete. Got a bug report in on it, hopefully I will have this resolved in time.
Anyone hit Tier 6 or 7 yet?

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do you mean they went over 100 with improve or + 100? the stats must have 100 addad to all of therm in order to accomplish that quest. also i am @ 6th tier

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The bonus must be over 100. So if you started with 118/77/83 then with bonus it must be 218/177/183 or higher.

Here is how you do it.. Use the 2 gold improve till all stats are over 35. Then use the 20 gold improve till all bonus numbers are over 65. Use the 100 gold improve till your bonus numbers are over 100.