[Pirate Storm] Diving

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If any1 knows the finer points on diving, I’d be grateful to know:

1) Do free dives accumulate? Assuming yes, is there any advantage to saving them up and using the X6 button?

2) Does the location of the dive make any difference?

3) What is the “Use Joker” option all about?


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I’m not exactly sure about 2 or 3, having played for only a couple days, but I have noticed that when I have x6, the dive yields a TON of stuff compared to x2. I’m assuming it’s the time that the dive lasts?

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Realized I never gave you a full answer. Jokers are like wildcards. Free dives, in other words. You can use up to 6 jokers at a time, multiplying the amount/quality of the items you find. Free dives accumulate but the numbers on the left indicate jokers only.