[Syfy Monster Island] Patch Notes (locked)

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Here is where we’ll be posting patch notes per release starting today. :)

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-Energy is no longer consumed for a boss fight if the boss was already defeated
-Ammo Timers are now being respected
-Dental Bomb now damages all mobs in a fight
-Melt Armor raid buff now will last an entire boss fight
-T-Rex and other gatherable tiles will no longer report ready for harvest before they are ready for free
-Completing a boss battle will no longer leave you in an unknown state on the zone map
-Skills with weapon subtype requirements now respect those requirements
-Various other small bug fixes

Ammo for the masses!

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Bug Fixes:

-Dental Bomb’s will no longer incorrectly display as available on the action bar if you no longer have any
-Raid Buffs will now properly show where they are supposed to and not any where they aren’t
-Mouse over tooltip on Passive skills now shows your rank in said skill properly
-Visiting another users island after fighting a raid boss (via link) no longer triggers the boss again
-Users were incorrectly getting indication that they could sell reagents. This has been rectified
-Poppable text now will display where you picked up the item

Feature Updates:

-Gather All Button!
-Confirmation screen for MegaCash purchases

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8/1/2012 – The New Island!

New Features:
- Raid Message Board
Post your raids in the game and view all others that have been uploaded by other players
- Leaderboards
See how you rank against other players, total damage done, highest hit/crit, monster kills, and captures
- New Island!
You’ve been placed on the Island directly
Your HQ and Megashops have been beefed up
New weapon shops are available to you as you level
- New Areas
The Cave and Volcano are now open to players to test their mettle

Bug Fixes:
- Inconsistency: Riot Wall & Melt Armor skill do not show tooltip next to description like other skills
- Infected Debuff Icon is the Placeholder image
- Flu bird combat order icon missing
- Flu Bird : Hot flash does not play an attack effect
- Item Tooltip Name font is too small
- Combat ceases to function after clicking a squad mate prior to combat roll
- The middle Inventory tab says Reagents. Should say “Materials”
- Improper coin calculations for sold items has been resolved

And due to the extended downtime, here’s a taste of things to come: