[Redshift] Empire Space Still broken

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No updates… No fixes… No communication.

Nothing seems to be being done…

Player base dying.

Synapse cares?

We shall see… It would be really too bad if their player base left for another space based mmo…. wonder if it will happen… Wonder if it has happened

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We’re aware of the features the players want in RS and we are working on them. As I said in a previous thread, we’re working on changes.

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Hmm, give your car to a mechanic for a two day fix. One week… two weeks… three weeks… four weeks… you have no car and no word from the mechanic. You keep calling for info, any info, just some kind of info and all you get is “Hey, man, we’re working on it, be patient with us.”

Yeah, not so much. Mr PoPo and I would be paying mechano-dork a visit. The old “we’re working on it” was cute and acceptable for the first couple of weeks. As a paying customer my expectations have been underwhelmed. Scale the comparison, mind you, but if Star Trek Online can roll out periodic expansions and add twists and tweaks on a fairly regular schedule; why is it such a seeming problem to do it with RSO on it’s own scale?

Let’s take a little more ownership of this product and be a little more forthcoming. Skyshard is cute (I’ve played it some but put NO money into it unlike a LOT of fun money I dumped on RSO) and Tyrant has some nice new bells and whistles I hear… Let’s cut with the non-committal nebulous verbiage here with RSO and get a little more substantive and tangible.