[Top Shot: The Game] Wonder if I'm missing something.

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I’ve played the game for a couple weeks. The first two days I played enough to get to Level 12 and the Master challenges. In that time I achieved at least 3 stars on each. Over the the few days after that I got Gold for almost all the challenges. I’m still just barely a Level 13 and I cant even think of what I can possibly do to get to Level 15 to unlock the TopShot challenges.

I do the daily challenges – every one I do I win, but occasionally I’ll miss a day and the streak resets, but I now dont care about the few challenges I dont have Gold on – I’m just bored. Between the waiting and the insane inability to unlock a whole set of challenges, I just dont get it.

So… am I missing something? I cant imagine those few 3-4 golds I’m missing are keeping me from level 15. Or are they? If so, this game design is worse than I thought.


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it’s just a level grind, mate. keep playing the same levels over and over. maybe buy something expensive for the XP. grind. (play what you do the best at. more XP that way)

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Play a level like Behind Bars that has an easy gold and takes less than a second to get. Just do that 10 times, come back an hour and a half later and repeat. Going from 13-15 shouldn’t take more than 2 days.

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Thanks for the responses. That’s what I figured – bad game design. I shouldnt have to play the same levels over and over until I hit an arbitrary “level” to unlock more – once should be enough.

Thanks again.