[Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 4.33

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Hair is HERE! – You can now buy yourself a new hair cut from the shop, what’s more you can choose from literally thousands of colour combinations. If you want to stand out from the crowd then it’s time to get your hair on.

Fast Equip – We’ve added a panel that appears whenever you buy an inventory item (besides drinks) which will ask if you want to equip the item immediately.

• Performance improvements across the lobby servers.
• Dribbling speed has been toned down a little.
• Client update detection, if a new version of the game is available then a panel is displayed telling you to refresh your browser.

• Post match ‘Enter Lobby’ button no longer partially obscured for the tutorial.
• Memory leak fix and asset optimisation to reduce memory usage and improve performance.

We hope you enjoy this new version and we look forward to your valuable feedback.

Team CyberSports

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About the 3d hair models i think in general they could be improved, some of them only look decently good at the sides, but extremely unnatural on the front and the back views ( i feel like my character is wearing a helmet ), perhaps a little more work on the shapes (despite the polygonal budget that appears to be very limited) and also more detailed base diffuse textures on them.. due to this problems mentioned above , most of the portraits of players with custom hair dont look very appealing graphically as well ..

In addition, i think the hair gallery could some some more normal/natural haircut variations, why not researching some standard haircuts in famous soccer players for an instance?, my point is that when choosing from a drastic Afro style and a huge Tomahawk i think players could use some in between variations, here are some ideas:


Overall, i definitively liked the custom color options it added a little bit of personalization
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Also , now that ive covered the aesthetics.. the celebration animations.. its nice to be able to display a custom animation after a goal.. but Cybersport went over the board with the gold prices (10k expensive) and its a very questionable price for a very questionable quality ( not even the fingers are animated and they all feel unfinished), this animations also evidence a lot of skinning issues in the shoulders , jaw, and hands of the 3d model.. specially the static fingers drive me crazy.. watching it feels the hand its some sort of robotic shovel instead of a fluid celebration .. as it should be..

Due to all this reasons, in my opinion.. i think this game its just a Cybersports side proyect with a lot of " quick works" experiments, in order to make simple money.. i really dont feel you care about quality on the things you are selling.. just to implement easy things ( most of them improvised) and get some quick money on them.. and well .. im disappointed, this game could be so much better with a stricter quality policy.

Quality that its not found on the forums either , this forum posts are good as dead.. and ill stop making any comments here , its pointless. I think the kongregate community rated very well this game 3.4 out of 5 , u dont deserve nothing more , nothing less at this point