[BigHeadBash] [Spicy Horse Post] Game Dev Update-7/18

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Hey Bashers,

We have another update readyup for you & this one is even bigger and better than our previous updates. There are two big additions to the game we know you are going to enjoy very much, the first one is the Game Designers Pack- this is the one where you finally get to own and play as one of these legends. we have luminaries like Will Wright, Ian Livingstone, Quake Legend Jon Romero, everyone’s favorite Tim Schafer & your very own American McGee. YEAH, that’s quite a momentous toy pack in there for you all and one top of that we have some special weapons that’ll go along with new toys.

Secondly we are adding a new game mode-Capture Point. There has been a lot of request to add a new mode to the game, so we’ve added something that everybody loves in an online game. Now you can go around with your team capturing the map while racking up those kills. Remember you will need teamwork to win this mode.

Build Notes:
Game Designer pack:
5 new avatars
4 new weapons
1 new mode: Capture Point
1 new Capture Point map – Jungle

UI updates and tweaks
Server list displays number of players online
Server name displayed on top of Room List
Most populated room is automatically at the top of the room list
Animations added to Toys in Store
New Loading Screen
Chat update

Icon based player event log (shout out to Volrathx)

See you in the game for more BASHing.

Question, comments, lets us know here.

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YEA! i got 2.4k tickets saved up, AMG looks slightly crazy…|

Edit:regarding that new mode, make it so that game will track points gained by you capture point or by kills, i just played a game of that and realized that i dont gain exp from capturing points

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Yeeeehhaaaaa here we go again!