[Top Shot: The Game] Collections, Rewards and more weapons.

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Rewards, Collections and Other Weapons

I. Rewards.
My idea is that once we have completed a certain number of things, we need a reward – not another one of those badges, a material reward – a gun, new challenge or perhaps even an item of clothing that might help you?

II. Collections
There should be collections of items according to era, and mechanics. For example, for a WWII collection we would have the MP40, Thompson 1928, K98, M1 Garand, Walther P38, Colt 1911, and so on and so forth. For mechanics we could have a ‘Pioneers’ collection – guns which have revolutionised warfare (StG 44, Winchester 1866, percussion cap rifle, etc.)

III. Weapons
We need different weapons – from different eras. How about the Martini Henry? A longbow? Crossbow? Musket? Sling?

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More guns and more targets to use them on.


- US M9
- more Carbines for Gun that won the West, for example Colt Lightning, Winchester ’73 & ’86, Marlin 1895 & Savage 99
- Uzi, Mac 10/11, Sten Gun
- Welrod Pistol, Liberator, DeLisle Carbine
- Revolvers with more than 6 rounds, maybe even a LeMat
- many more

- El Presidente(hit 3 targets left to right, than right to left with 6 shots in your pistol)
- the long range shot at a Bucket from Quigley down under(along with a Sharps Rifle to do it would be nice)
- challenges for combination weapons like LeMat(9 round Pistol + 1 round Shotgun), or M4 Carbine with M203

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and it needs a sniper rifle like the MSR or Barret