[Vorp!] Flight Guide: Jabberwocky, with your pilot, Barmaglot Bandersnatch

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Barmaglot is not the brightest star in the universe. But there’s one thing he does real good, and that’s smashing stuff. He seems to have an obsession with cute fuzzy things, mostly because he likes to eat them. Don’t think for a second that because he’s dumb he won’t hurt you good.

Players who like to smash into things should play the Jabberwocky. That is all.

With a beefy energy pool and every loadout doing damage, you’d think we wouldn’t even need a flight guide. Barmaglot may come from a simple race with simple needs, but everyone knows a big beast with sharp teeth is dangerous in any form. The Jabberwocky is a heavy and slow ship but with the right Commander guiding it, the approach of its slow rumble will set enemies quaking.

Primary Loadout

  • Boomerblade is Barmaglot’s primary loadout and it hits harder than any other. It launches the massive sawblade at the front of your ship which boomerangs back towards you after a short time. Or, if you fire again while the Boomerblade is away, it’ll signal the saw to come screaming back, ideally with some “scrap metal” in between its teeth and you. Experienced Commanders will use the blade like a deadly yo-yo orbiting the ship, catching enemy pilots off guard with a Boomerblade coming from an unexpected angle.

Secondary Loadouts

  • Vorpal Line is a fearsome and often overlooked loadout that blasts the Jabberwocky forward with a massive thrust force. The addition force impact damages enemies in your way and cripples them for several seconds, slowing them and giving Barmaglot time to circle in and unload more damage. Note to enemy pilots: in this case, objects in your mirror are as big as they appear to be.

  • Shrapnetic Bladies allows you to launch multiple adorable magnetic homing sawblades that chew away at any pesky hostile nearby. They might seem too frenetic to be doing much while out in the field, but the pilot receiving their loving attention is having no picnic.

  • Sharper Edges is part of Barmaglot’s dental plan. Commanders that invest in this loadout really enjoy getting up close and personal. Sharper Edges adds additional passive damage to the Jabberwocky’s main blade, which makes tearing into all the things more fun! As an added bonus, the “Vorpal space fluoride” applied to your saw’s teeth will passively deflect certain types of projectiles that hit the Jabberwocky’s front (while the Boomerblade is on the ship).

Commanding Barmaglot in the Jabberwocky

  1. Get close and keep your blade in contact with the enemy. Barmaglot can melt through enemy energy pools with very little cost of his own due to his passive collision based damage.
  2. Vorpal Line is absolutely devastating in the hands of a skilled Commander. This combined with Jabberwocky’s large energy reserves make Barmaglot a very strong initiator in team fights.
  3. Shrapnetic Bladies are great for both tower assaults and for escaping pursuit, as they will harass any unfriendly followers.

Flying against Barmaglot in the Jabberwocky

  1. Keep your distance and stay away from that blade. Ranged attacks are the safest way to counter Barmaglot.
  2. You may want to target Barmaglot’s allies first in team fights, as the Jabberwocky is very tanky but can be outmaneuvered.
  3. Pay attention to the number of Shrapnetic Bladies Barmaglot drops… if he uses them all up (or doesn’t have them yet) Jabberwocky has no defense from the rear and sides.
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My recommended build

Lvl1 Boomerblade I (standard)
Lvl2 Sharper Edges I
Lvl3 Shrapnetic Bladies I
Lvl4 Vorpal Line I
Lvl5 Shrapnetic Bladies II
Lvl6 Shrapnetic Bladies III
Lvl7 Vorpal Line II
Lvl8 Vorpal Line III
Lvl9 Hull I
Lvl10 Boomerblade II
Lvl11 Hull II
Lvl12 Sharper Edges II
Lvl13 Sharper Edges III
Lvl14 Hull III
Lvl15 Boomerblade III

Only fire your blade if it ensures your kill. Keep it with you as much as possible, since it provides a great defence after upgrading to Sharper Edges I
At the start of the game, focus drones over enemy players and try to collect as much ATOMs as you can. On lvl4 you can start killing/harassing (but be sure to get those atoms).
I mostly get my kills by simply Vorpal Line-ing into my enemy (has a slowing effect) and then releasing all Shrapnetic Bladies while I keep ramming my opponent.
Vorpal Line can be used to flee, and leaving some Bladies behind will ensure your escape.

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Appelthee your guide has really helped me master the Jabber.

Another thing I picked up is if you’re being chased by someone like Ant, Angel or anyone else that relies on a reflectable projectile, turn around and face them as you run, they will usually keep coming at your with their mouse button held down and may bring themselves low enough and close enough for a counter kill. Usually is better than afterburning away as they pelt your backside with attacks.

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This ship must be bugged or sth. It is virtually un-killable for me. Takes like 200% more damage than other ships. What a joke!

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Or you could figure out that Sharper Edges blocks everything that’s not a laser and manipulate your ship so your buzzsaw catches all the bullets/flames/acid globs/bindu bolts, thereby extending your survivability threefold.

Really, give it some more use before dismissing it so hastily.