[Castlot] Important! Terms of Use Agreement

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Terms of Use Agreement

Please read carefully and make sure you understand this Agreement.

We have received several reports in the past couple weeks and would like to clarify one of our game rules specially:

Do not use any offensive or sexual explicit language. This includes character names.

This rule applies to all game messages and customizable text, including character name, private messages, and battle messages.

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We have received few questions recently and would like to make a update of game rules.

Do not use multiple accounts to gain advantage.

This rule states that you cannot control more than one character to bring unfair advantage.

Now this rule has been explicitly explained, any new violations reported after this post will result your characters suspension. (If you have family member sharing the same IP and in the same guild, submit your information via a PM or email).

Castlot reserves the right of final interpretation of this rule and measure .