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So i’ve been in this game for ages, but i had stopped playing a while ago due to a guild bug. Basically what this bug is, is that:

a) it won’t let me join any guild (or accept invitations) because i’m already in a guild, when i’m not.

b) it won’t allow me to see which guild i am supposedly in, therefore i can’t get out of it either.

So i had sent back then many messages to GMs, and even talked to them online, since i was quite fond of the game and wanted the issue to be resolved. Luckily i hadn’t payed any money to be at the position to “demand” their help, since obviously the game is unplayable without a guild.

So, since noone was of any help, i decided to leave the game. I remembered it today and thought i’d join once more to see how my castle was doing etc. and did so, and when i did i thought i should check the guild thing – it had to have been resolved by now !

But no. It’s funny in my eyes since the servers have changed since, etc, and you would think this issue would have been resolved (since i had also pressured the GMs so much back then) but for some reason nothing has been resolved at all !!

So, to any GMs still watching the forum, this problem still occurs.

That’s all, see you around.

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Originally posted by Azgara:

GMs still watching the forum