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Because I do not know how much longer I will play Red Crucible 2 because of my work and private life, I like to give you some tactical advice on how to defeat your opponent. Some tactics can also be used in similar games to Red Crucible 2. Most of them are real world tactics. I call them the lorenzo rules :p

1. GO ON FOOT AS LESS AS POSSIBLE. A vehicle is always more difficult to destroy then a human body. Besides, with a vehicle you will always arrive sooner at your destination. Take a vehicle whenever you can and destroy it at your destination if possible.

2. STAY TOGETHER AND REGROUP. If you drive and/or fly together, your firepower will increase exponentially. All things being equal, one tank has for example the fire power of one tank but two tanks already have the relative firepower of four tanks. This is based on the Lanchester’s square law. If you stay together you can also cover each other and you have more eyes scanning your surroundings for threats. If you drive or fly alone, your chance of being killed increases. So, if you spot a friendly or friendlies, join them.

3. HELICOPTERS SHOULD ALWAYS COVER THE TANKS. Do not leave your team members alone in their tanks. They need your help. Cover them. See also rule No. 2.

4. USE THE SUN AS COVER. When you are in a helicopter and attacking with the sun at your back, you are very difficult to spot and to target by the enemy.

5. SURPRISE YOUR OPPONENT. Do not shoot without a target because your shell or missile can be spotted from miles away. Also the sound of you shooting can reveal your location.

6. WATCH THE SKY. Always watch out for enemy helicopters, especially in the beginning of the match because they are faster than tanks and therefore most likely, the first targets you will encounter.

7. USE THE DIFFERENT VIEWS EXTENSIVELY. Focus view (zoom), driver, gunner and third-person views will help you to spot your target and to attack it.

8. DO NOT ATTACK A HELICOPTER WHEN YOU ARE OUT IN THE OPEN. Otherwise you will be spotted more easily and considered a threat by the helicopter and he will attack you. Of course, sometimes you have no choice and other times your skills are high enough to attack the helicopter anyway. Preferably attack a helicopter from a cover position. This can be from behind bushes, trees, trucks and other vehicles, ridges, buildings or from under or behind bridges. A neat trick can be to attack the enemy from behind an empty vehicle. This will confuse the enemy and he will likely first attack the empty vehicle in front of you.

9. DO NOT ALWAYS ATTACK. Sometimes it is better not to attack but keep going until you spot a more suitable target. Go around difficult to destroy targets and proceed to your main objective.

10. OUTFLANK YOUR OPPONENT. If your team member is attacking a target from one direction, attack the same target from another direction. Most of the time, the enemy will be too busy with your team member to notice you going around him.

11. HULL-DOWN. Whenever possible, show as less as possible of your tank. Drive on and attack from low dried-up river beds, behind ridges, bridges, buildings and in cornfields. You will become a small target and small targets are more difficult to spot and to destroy.

12. KEEP MOVING. Do not continue to attack from a fixed position. The longer you stay in one position, the higher the chance you will be spotted and attacked. Also, a moving target is more difficult to destroy.

13. NAVIGATE FROM COVER TO COVER POSITION. This is the safest way to navigate through the battlefield.

14. BRING THE FIGHT TO THE ENEMY. As a team, keep moving towards the enemy base. This way you keep the initiative and control over the battle. Let the enemy fight a defensive war, not you.

15. DO NOT DESTROY EMPTY ENEMY VEHICLES. Every time you destroy an empty enemy vehicle it will re-spawn at the enemy base, therefore, leave it where you find it. This way, the enemy will have one less vehicle at their starting position. Of course, do destroy your own empty vehicles whenever possible.

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good stuff.
I like no.3
People should really stop only thinking about there self, and try to co-op with other players.

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16.if ur discovered jump like a rabbit,it is hard to shoot but at least the enemy can’t hit properly

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use the demolition class and as a sercondary use the magnum its 1 hit kill at any range

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A good way to learn to become a better player is to watch the different YouTube videos with Red Crucible 2 gameplay. This way, with the 15 rules in mind, you can analyze why the players in the videos were successful or not or what they could have done better.

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17. if your vehicle is damaged severly, do not continue to attack in the vehicle. Land/park in a covered area if you can, otherwise just get out and move behind the vehicle. try to destroy the vehicle/infantry that is attacking you and attempt to escape the area. If you can ask a teammate to transport you back to base so you can get a new vehicle.

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18. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN. This is one main thing many ppl dont do otherwise they would make one hell of a player because usually u are going in a squad u see someone try to tell but are too late.
19. READ ALL THESE 19 THINGS. Very usefull Very important Very informative. Put these 3 Very’s in any order u like they will be ure survival priorities. Than anything else after these 3 depend on u.

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20.USE THE SKY AS YOUR COVER. Have some kind camo based on what the color around you is if you are in a tree then probably you should be wearing green, if you are in maelstrom dark map’s you should wear black so you blend in making it a near impossible shot for the oppenent to make.

21.GUN SPECIFICATION’S. Very important to know the strength’s and weakness’s of your gun’s assault weapon’s are used for gaining ground, heavy assault are used for defending ground (because they are best while crouching and not moving,) sniper’s are great for scoping and picking up kills to help the team (but you will also NEED a good assault team,) demolition is best used in number’s if you are taking on ground unit’s or only a pair for vehicle’s.

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I like to share some extra information that will up your survivability a bit and make your live a bit easier.

Firstly, you can manually reload your weapons by pressing R. It will not only reload your personal weapons but also the weapons of your vehicle. This can be useful when you want to have a full magazine before you enter the battle. Or if you want to quickly reload instead of having to wait on the auto reload after your magazine has emptied. It will enable you to reload when your magazine is emptied for 50% for example.

Secondly, when you press the T button during your drive, flight or run, you will keep moving in the same direction until you press Enter. This can be useful on long monotonous trips. When you move automatically, you can release the forward button and relax or do other things within the game. While moving automatically you will not be able to fire but you will be able to look around. It makes it also possible to chat without having to stop. Or even go back to the main menu with all the normal functionality. Of course, only use this ‘cruise control’ when you know it is safe to keep moving in a straight line.

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The following is some situation-specific advice on how to deal with missile cam players and helicopters (in the A7 Autobahn map).

In case your opponent uses missile cam:

Try to approach him unnoticed and then take him out. Sometimes it is better to take cam players out with an airstrike once you are in range. If however, it is impossible to approach him unnoticed, try to go around him at his maximum firing range/ visibility and proceed to another objective. Another tactic would be is to approach him with more than one player at the same time. He will still attack but while he is busy with you or your teammate(s) he can be attacked by the other(s).

In case your opponent is flying in a helicopter and part of the RED team in the A7 Autobahn map:

The problem with the helicopters in the A7 Autobahn map is that on the RED side, they always have the advantage of a white background. Therefore, it is often impossible to target the helicopter.

Try to approach him unnoticed and then take them out. This is difficult and sometimes impossible. Alternatively, you can try to approach him with more than one player at the same time. He will still attack but while he is busy with you or your teammate(s) he can be attacked by the other(s).

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In case you are a helicopter pilot on the RED or BLUE team in the A7 Autobahn map:

Do not fly over the bridge into enemy territory because you will only get yourself killed. Resist the temptation and do not get greedy when your team is dominating the match.

Try to fly without a gunner and other passengers. The gunner and other passengers are of little use when you are moving around and dodging enemy fire constantly. A gunner cannot aim properly this way.

Do not try to shoot down an enemy helicopter even when it attacks you from the enemy side. Let the ground forces deal with him. You are too busy attacking enemy ground forces and evading bullets. If however, the enemy helicopter comes in friendly territory and therefore very close to you, you can consider attacking it.

When the enemy is using missile cam, try to stay low. Accent quickly, attack a target and decent again. Of course, it is best to attack enemy players with missile cam first. Missile cam is very effective against helicopters.

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In the scenario that you are driving a M-270 Rocket Tank (BLUE) or a Missile Truck (RED)
Range is your absolute best friend when using the vehicle’s main weapon system: Rockets.

These have an extremely steep arc, when fired straight, they will land merely feet in front of you. However, these are more powerful than even the ATGM. They are a devastating weapon, but this range is its cost. At the very height of your aiming range, it will go very far, but still not very far. You must be strategic, use only the cover of buildings or foliage when firing at another target (Also, never, NEVER fire the rockets at a helicopter, you’ll most likely miss and give your position away). It’s powerful, but it also has very thin armor. A mere few shells from a tank can destroy this, making it weaker than even the AA tank.

These are very rarely used vehicles, giving way to people to, excuse my language, whore over ATGM tanks and normal battle tanks. With these tactics, it could become the ultimate war machine.

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This is not a tip but rather a question ( I apologize if is inappropriate
, I have never posted in a forum) The problem that I am having is that I am unable to fire either of my weapons in Red Crucible 2 . I just purchased 250 coins and used those points combined with my accrued points to purchase a sniper rifle. However, I am unable to fire it. I have tried every button on my keyboard to “reload” and nothing is working. Nor am I able to find where to purchase additional ammunition , Can you please tell me what is wrong?

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Originally posted by moore4me:

This is not a tip but rather a question ( I apologize if is inappropriate
, I have never posted in a forum) The problem that I am having is that I am unable to fire either of my weapons in Red Crucible 2 . I just purchased 250 coins and used those points combined with my accrued points to purchase a sniper rifle. However, I am unable to fire it. I have tried every button on my keyboard to “reload” and nothing is working. Nor am I able to find where to purchase additional ammunition , Can you please tell me what is wrong?

Hi, no problem and welcome to this forum. Click on the link below to create a new Topic for your (technical) questions:


When you have started a new Topic, I will reply on it.

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I’ll add a few.

Number 2 is correct EXCEPT vs. missile cam. Missile cam can not see single infantry, so best to approach on foot.

Monitor you vehicle damage, especially vs. copters. If 1 more hit will kill you, bail as soon as the copter fires and you’ll survive 50% of the time.

If you hear a jet and you are not in the castle, RUN.

Noobs, DO NOT FIRE ON YOUR TEAM MATES. You may think this harmless because they do not suffer damage, but your teammate is likely to react to the sound of the shot thinking it’s the enemy. I can’t tell you how many time’s I’ve reacted to friendly fire, only to get nailed by enemy fire because my reaction has exposed me or taken my attention away.

On missile cams, folks who use them are NOT cheating so STFU :-). No, I don’t use them. But frankly, when folks in Copter’s range kill, some folks have little choice.

Oh, copters are “flying whirly-mah-gigs” of death. If you’re like me, leave them be to those crazy ’copter jocks. I like my feet on the ground.

Lastly, have a sense of humor. It’s a heck of a lot more fun when folks are not jerks about getting killed. A few “nice shots” or “darn, you owned me” comments will go a long way to making your game more enjoyable.

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Another thing that might be handy to know is, when you damage an empty enemy vehicle at their base, instead of destroying it. It becomes an easy kill, once an enemy jumps in that vehicle. To damage empty enemy vehicles, shoot it 2, 3 or 4 times and not more, depending on the vehicle.

And of course, always do destroy enemy helicopters on the helipad. This should be a priority.

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dont leave a damaged vehicle without finishing it off so it can respawn undamaged back in your territory..!!!

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Another tactic which can give a huge advantage is, to steal the enemy vehicles. Go for the helicopters first and hide them somewhere. Where the enemy will not look or at least out of sight as much as possible. From helicopters to tanks, anything stolen and not destroyed will not respawn at the enemy base.

Preferably use the stolen vehicles almost at the end of the match as extra firepower.

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Another good tactic is if you have an M82 Barret, or an OSV-96 .50, put a few shots into a helicopter for explosive results. The bullets will practically never miss if they are in range, and if a helicopter notices the damage, they will most likely not find a concealed infantry unit, as they would be looking for a large vehicle.

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It is nice to know people are using the tactics described here. A moment ago I was picking up somebody in the middle of nowhere and I asked if his tank got destroyed. Then he said he was hiding something and a few moments later explained, he was hiding an enemy helicopter and explained to me why. Hehehe

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Using these tactics,I managed a 15 ks against people who are better than me. Thanks.
Also,I have another tip. A missile tank,normal tank,and a helicopter are a DEVESTATING combo.
They cover up each other’s weaknesses with overwhelming power,artillery backup,and air support.

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number 100: Buy an MGL.

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While all of you are talking about helicopters and the larger tanks, the MG tank is also a very good vehicle as it is fast and can run away from enemies quickly while doing good damage against helicopters and the lightly armed tanks. The MG tank gets a lot of crap from people but it is one of the best in my opinion.

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I find using a vehicle and just staying there like its abandoned works best to surprise the enemy because once they get close enough to see your gamertag you can kill the easily with your cannons,rockets,mg,etc but the downside is that you have to get to their territory undetected

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Use the strucutres to Cover u Vehicule of Helicopters and Go running is easy way to Kill Whit Sniper Or Launcher, And Kill Enemys take u vehicule and move to other side