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Hello to all who are viewing this. Right now this is a empty thread but soon i hope this will be a very well used and known one. First off this thread is made so that people can post there decks and how well does by win to loss. Maube even post what counters the decks that you know of. But, I also want this thread to help people with deck issues or problems. So in the end this thread will help, and show off your amazing decks and ideas. BUT WAIT this sounds like a perfect idea as you’re reading and may already be thinking about a new deck or existing deck to post. Sadly this thread will not go far with just me and maybe one other person. So i know on a daily bases 500 people are loged on to eredan on kongregate. So lets try to get 100 people to post decks and ideas while helping them out to. So all i ask of you is to activly come to this thread and if you like the idead a lot show love and spread the word. I a bit of a noob to this game but if you give me time i can help people out as well and might even be asking help from you guys!

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Rules of my thread!
1) ignorant pe ople are not welcome so pretty much saying no swearing,harassing, and just plain being mean.
2) be patient! Some people might understand what you mean and may ask a few time and this thread will have newbies like me so don’t get angry when you are asked to define or clarify what you were trying to get across.
That is just two rules i ask of you to follow.
of course the normal kongregate rules apply. Also i am very sorry that i theres a lot to read and i’m sure i spelled some things wrong. I’m typing both post at 5:03 A.M. and not double checking it. Thats a pretty bad combo i bet.

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7 awesome face
7 Permamonster
9 instant red
2 of the yellow (draw 2 cards)

Strategy Permamonster an awesome face to get 16 attack.
The problem is that it generally gets outrushed.
My main complaint is when i play awesome face, the AI can destroy it before I play perma monster.
When the AI (armoria) plays a card, he can permamonster it before I can destroy it.

EDIT:Oops, wrong forum