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Wanted to start a tips & tricks thread. Here are a few to get started. Any you’d add?


Squads (yours or your teammate’s) on opposite sides of an enemy squad will provide a Flanking Bonus to their attacks against the target. A Flanking Bonus provides a bonus to the damage inflicted on the flanked enemy unit.

Area of Effect
Area of Effect (AoE) spells and abilities can be very powerful. Use them at opportune moments to wreak havoc among your enemy’s squads, create powerful barriers or heal multiple friendly units all at once.

Do not spend your morale as soon as you get it! Use it wisely when it can have the most impact. The Power Level indicated on each of your squad’s Special Abilities represents a combination of the Morale Cost of the Ability times the number of units within your squad. However, the power level is capped at the amount of Morale you have. For example, if you have fifty Dwarf Barbarians and your Mighty Axe Strike has a Power Level of four this means only four of the Barbarians will attack with the extra ability and that you should wait until you have gained more Morale and can get a higher power level.

Unit Strengths/Weaknesses
Some Battle Units are stronger against one type of damage than another. For example Human Defenders are strong against physical attacks and so should be up near the front of the battle taking on other units that do physical damage. Human Icemages, however, are weak against most forms of damage and should be kept to the back where they can use their ranged attacks to maximum effect. Battle Units with a shield tend to have a high resistance to piercing weapons while Battle Units with Helmets tend to have a high resistance to crushing damage. You can learn about a Battle Unit’s strengths, weaknesses, resistances, vulnerabilities and more by double clicking the squad in battle or clicking the blue “i” on the Battle Unit’s icon anywhere in the interface.