[WarMage Battlegrounds] How to Play (locked)

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Here are instructions on how to play WarMage Battlegrounds. These instructions and quick tutorial videos can be accessed at anytime by clicking the HELP button in the upper right portion of the game interface.


Upon launching the game, the first step is to create a WarMage to command your Combat Force. While your WarMage doesn’t actually fight on the battleground with your squads, their base statistics, which are modified by equipped artifacts, have a big impact on your capabilities in battle such as Mana and Morale generation or magical bonuses to various spells, items, and types of Battle Units. Customize your WarMage and enter a name (by default, we use your Kongregate name — you can change it if you wish). This name must be unique and cannot contain special (non-alphanumeric) characters. Once you have created your WarMage, and selected a server to play on, you will be placed into the game lobby.


In the game lobby you can chat with other players, review WarMage information, browse the item shop, chat with other players online, configure your Combat Force, enter the Battle Queue, create a custom battle, make changes to your game options, and more.


WarMage Information Window
The top left portion of the game interface contains your WarMage portrait, name, and some useful buttons which access the WarMage Information Window and the Store. Clicking the yellow button with the blue “+” symbol, located on the bottom-left of your WarMage portrait, will open the WarMage Information Window. This interface contains important information about your WarMage such as your inventory of ancient artifacts and consumable items, the types of Battle Units and spells you have unlocked, your list of friends, your progress on achievements and bounties, player rankings, and more. The WarMage Information Window is also used in conjunction with the two Action Bars at the top of the game’s interface to build and configure your Combat Force.

Clicking on the red treasure chest, located at the bottom-middle of your WarMage portrait opens the WarMage Battlegrounds Store. In the Store you can spend Burst Coins or the Gold you’ve earned to unlock Spells, Battle Units, and consumable magic Scrolls. You will also find treasure chests and mystery items in the store which can reward you with a wide variety of magic Scrolls and collectible Artifacts.

Burst Bar
The top portion of the game interface contains useful buttons that will take you places like help, the game options menu, the Burst Coins Store, and let’s you know what version of the game you are playing.

Action Bars
There are two Action Bars at the top of the game interface. The first is connected to your WarMage portrait. This action bar contains slots for the three types of magic Scrolls and five Spells you currently have prepared for battle. The number shown on each of the magic Scrolls represents the quantity of that Scroll you are permitted to bring into battle, which is based on the Scroll’s rarity and overall power. This assumes you own a quantity greater than the maximum number allowed per battle. If you own less than the maximum allowable quantity per battle, then the number shown indicates the quantity of that Scroll in your inventory.

The second action bar is on the right contains five slots which hold the five squads you currently have prepared for battle. The numbers written on the squad icons represent the number of Battle Units currently in each squad. The arrows next to each number are used to adjust the number of Battle Units in each squad. Adjusting the number of Battle Units will affect the Battle Point total found directly below the five squads. The Battle Point total represents the total power of your five squads. This total is calculated by multiplying the Battle Point cost of each battle unit by the quantity of each Battle Unit and then adding the totals up for all five of your squads.

The turn timer for battles and the battle set-up phase is located below the squad action bar.

Chat Window
The lower-left panel is the chat window. Here you can chat with your fellow gamers on various channels, send and receive tells from friends, and see detailed combat information when fighting a battle. Some channels can be filtered out of this window by using the tab with the speech bubble icon on it. The drop down menu next to the chat text field represents the channel to which you wish to send your message. Examples include “Team”, “Battle”, or “Lobby”. This drop down menu is contextual so it won’t show you the “Battle” channel if you are not in a battle.


Before Battle you must build and configure your Combat Force. Your Combat Force is comprised of up to:

  • 5 Squads of Battle Units
  • 6 Artifacts that provide statistical bonuses to your WarMage and his/her squads
  • 5 Spells used to affect one or more hex-tiles on the battleground map
  • 3 Consumable magic Scrolls that can be used in battle to affect your WarMage or friendly squads

Building your Combat Force is ( a) configuring the types of squads, spells, artifacts and consumable items you wish to bring into battle, ( b) selecting the quantity of units in each squad, and ( c) determining the turn order of your squads. Your Combat Force is built from the collection of squads, spells, artifacts, and consumable scrolls currently available to your WarMage. Each WarMage begins with a set of squads, spells, artifacts, and consumable scrolls. You can access new types of squads, spells, artifacts, and consumable scrolls in the item store by clicking the treasure chest button attached to your character portrait. The store is organized by item type. You can browse different item types by clicking the tabs on the right of the store window. Some items are unlocked through achievements and prestige while others require gold or Burst Coins to purchase.

Each new WarMage character starts with five squads, five spells, consumable scrolls, and artifacts already placed in the appropriate slot in the game interface so you’ll be ready for your first battle. To modify your current Combat Force configuration, use the WarMage Information window and the slots located on the Action Bars found in the top portion of the game interface. Open the WarMage Information window by clicking the yellow button with the blue “+” attached to your character portrait in the top left of the interface. To make changes to your Combat Force configuration simply by click and drag the icons from the WarMage Information Window to the one of the slots found in the Action Bars at the top of your screen or in the section of the WarMage Information Window labeled “Equipped Artifacts”. Slots will become highlighted if the icon you have selected matches the correct slot type. You can also swap icons by dragging one icon onto another icon of the same type. Remember you can make changes to your Combat Force configuration at any time except during a battle.


Important Note: It’s not too late to tweak your Combat Force configuration after selecting a Battle Type and joining the Battle Queue.

If this is your first battle, choose TUTORIAL from the choices found in the lower right portion of the game lobby. The tutorial will walk you through the basics of battle.


A squad is a group of one or more units of the same type. Players can have up to 5 squads in a battle. Players get one turn per round for each squad. Squads also have a chance to win an extra turn. Each squad type has a variety of statistics and abilities used in battle, a Battle Point cost, and a maximum quantity of units allowed in each squad for game balance purposes. Before clicking READY in the queue, or at anytime in the game lobby, you may adjust the quantity of units you have in each of your five squads. In order to enter a battle you cannot exceed the total amount of Battle Points allowed for the chosen battle or the maximum squad size allowed for each type of battle unit. All battles have a Battle Point limit per player to balance the teams. The total amount of Battle Points currently in your Combat Force is found directly below your five squads in the top action bar.

Turn Order
You can set the turn order of your squads relative to each other by reordering the squad slots in the top action bar. In WarMage Battlegrounds, turns alternate from player to player and squad to squad. The player that goes first is determined randomly. The round’s turn list then alternates teams, players, and all of their squads before completing a round. Whichever squad you place in the first (left-most) slot of your action bar will be the first squad you command and the squad in the second slot will be the second and so on. A round is made up of one turn for every squad on both teams. In a 2 player battle, the first round will have ten turns assuming both players bring the allotted five squads. A complete turn list is located in the lower right portion of the game interface once you are in a battle. As squads are destroyed players have less turns in a round. On your turn, you can do the following:

  • Use a consumable scroll or spell
  • Move the squad whose turn it is
  • Use one of that squad’s abilities.

Important Note: Using the squad’s ability ends that squad’s turn therefore you must use a spell or scroll prior to using the squad ability.

Squad Abilities
Once a battle begins, ability buttons used for your squads will appear below the five squad slots. The ability buttons shown will represent the current squad’s abilities. As you go from turn to turn and squad to squad, these abilities will change. Here is an overview of how squads work:

  • Squads can move a number of hexes determined by their speed statistic and use only one of the following abilities: Basic Attack Ability, Special Ability 1, Special Ability 2, and the Defend Ability. The use of any of these abilities will end your turn.
  • Special Abilities cost Morale to use. Morale is a resource pool shared by all squads in battle and earned through their success in battle. WarMage statistics, artifacts, and more can affect the amount of Morale earned in battle.
  • Moving and Defending, and Basic Attack Abilities do not have a Morale cost. If you are out of Morale, or don’t want to spend Morale, and you can’t use your Basic Attack, it would be wise to use the Defend ability since it is free and provides a defensive bonus to that squad rather than let the turn timer run out.
  • Using any ability other than move will end that squad’s turn. If you’d liek to use a spell or scroll, be sure you use it before using a squad’s ability.

Spells are WarMage abilities that affect hexes and the squads contained in those hexes. Some spells persist beyond one turn or round and others do not. The range and area of effect varies from spell to spell. Spells require Mana to cast. Mana is earned on every turn based on your WarMage’s regeneration rate and through other means discussed later. Your current Mana level can be found on the blue orb labeled Mana attached to your WarMage character portrait. A spell’s range is measured from the squad whose turn it is. Here is an overview of how to use a spell in battle:

  • Roll your mouse over spell icons to see how much Mana it will cost to cast and to read basic information about the spell. More detailed information can be found on the spell page of your character information window. Check the current amount of Mana your WarMage has by looking on the blue Mana indicator located below your spells.
  • Click the icon for the spell you would like to use from those found in the action bar at the top of the screen
  • Review the available targets shown by a light red color on valid target hexes. Moving your mouse over the red hexed will show a dark red pattern on hexes you can affect with your spell. Once you have chosen your target hex or hexes, click your mouse to cast the spell.
  • Elemental magic Area of Effect (AOE) Damage spells will damage all units, including friendly ones, located on the targeted hexes

Important Note (Spells) – If you want to use a spell you must use it prior to using one of your squad’s abilities. On your squad’s turn you can use a scroll or a spell but not both.

Scrolls can either affect the WarMage’s statistics or be used on hexes containing friendly squads. When using a scroll that affects your WarMage statistics, noted by “Target: WarMage” in the description, simply click the scroll to use it. When using a scroll that targets hexes that contain friendly squads in them, it functions exactly like a spell. The quantity you possess of each scroll is displayed on the icon. Each time you use a scroll the quantity is reduced by 1. Scrolls come in three levels of rarity: Common, Rare, and Legendary, with Legendary being the most powerful and Common being the least powerful.

Important Note (Scrolls) – If you want to use a scroll you must use it prior to using one of your squad’s abilities. On your turn you can use a scroll or a spell but not both. Using a consumable means the quantity you own of that scroll will be reduced by one. You can purchase more scrolls in the store.

Artifacts & Artifact Slots
Artifacts are persistent items that provide passive bonuses to your WarMage’s statistics. You can equip six Artifacts at once. Since WarMage statistics can affect all your squads and spells, Artifacts are very important. Like scrolls, Artifacts come in three levels of rarity: Common, Rare, and Legendary, with Legendary being the most powerful and Common being the least powerful. Unlike Scrolls, Artifacts do not need to be clicked to use and do not get consumed. Artifact slots are found in the lower left portion of the WarMage Information Window. Artifacts and their slots are color coded. Blue artifacts must go in blue slots, red artifacts in red slots, and green artifacts in green slots. Grey slots located in the “Equipped Artifacts” section of your WarMage Information Window can hold any color artifact.