[WarMetal Tyrant] Unique Cards

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I really feel like a lot of cards in this game are very strong, and work better in a spam deck than they do as a 1-of.

I don’t think that this is the direction that the game should take – It reduces the skill and fun of deckmaking, as well as limits the variety that we will see on the battlefield.

While I don’t advocate going back and changing cards that already exist, I want to encourage the developers to consider making really good cards unique instead of spammable.

to start, I think that you should make mongrel, rampage, and widowmaker unique before it is too late.

Please consider making more unique cards in the upcoming packs.

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Widowmaker is unique.

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if more cards are unique then sell price of cards should be higher. I don’t need a billion copies of the same cards when I can only use one.

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rawr, immortal, best unique ever, cause its the only one thats uncommon