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I was looking in forums to find what snow drifter mini boss drops on all 3 of his difficulties but found nothing so decided we can compile a list of loot for all the minis in all their forms (normal, hard, insane).

figure we could do it same set up as in game…..

Mini Boss Name
Difficulty (That being normal hard or insane of course)
Epic Drops: a, b , c, lol, etc
Rare Drops: blah, blah, blah, :)
Uncommon: x, y, z
Common: thanks, in, advance, for, helping, in, this, thread

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Hard to read off as it drops you to auto combat.

Green Calypso
Jungle Insanity

Experiment No.6
Beach Insanity
epic: Snake Leathers (lvl 5 Boots def 10) hp +20, acid +15

Desert Insanity
epic: Sandstorm (lvl 14 Machine gun dmg 46-59)

Experiment No.4
Grasslands Insanity (also where Toxic Crocodiles are found)
epic: Snake Leathers (lvl 5 Boots def 10) hp +20, acid +15

Experiment No.2
Swamp Insanity
epic: Swamp Gas Gun (lvl 18 Pistol dmg 107-147) acid effect

Cyclops Bat
Facility Insanity (also where Mosquitos are found)
epic: Uncrushable Trousers (lvl 24 pants def 50) hp +110

One-Legged Ostrich
Mountain Pass Insanity
epic: Psychotic Mask (lvl 22 head def 45) hp +125, dmg +20

Snow Drifter
Mountain Peak (Insanity)
epic: Hill Kings Jacket (lvl 28 chest def 105) hp +175, dmg +30. crit +25

Winged Demon
Volcano (Insanity)
epic: Leech Shot (lvl 36 Pistol dmg 143-165) charm effect

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hey maybe u guys should start a discussion on every single boss name! (there’s more to it that that)