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Hi, my name’s Tom, and I’m one of the Moderators on the main Clash forum ( http://qunify.lefora.com/ ); previously I’ve run a number of competitions, and now we’re ready to launch them again! The prize this time is Clash Gold! So here’s the rules:

This evening, I’m going to post an image. If you think you can guess which Clash Ally is in the image, then please register to the Qunify forum and send me a Private Message (my ID there is Sunspot). Anyone who guesses correctly from today’s image goes into a draw for 30 Clash Gold!

However, if nobody guesses it (or guesses it right), then tomorrow I’ll release a second image. Anyone who guesses it at that point goes into a draw for 20 Clash Gold.

The pattern will continue for a maximum of five days, with 15, 10, and 5 Clash Gold as the respective awards for those last three days.

But here’s the catch: You can only get one guess. If you make a wrong guess from today’s choice, that’s it – your guesses are done. Of course, if you get it right, then you get a chance of the full 30 Clash Gold… So good luck!

Your PM must include your Kongregate ID, so I can track you down and issue the reward should you win. No ID – your guess isn’t counted. Note that, on the day somebody guesses aright, this competition closes – so you need to be quick off the mark!

Good luck!

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Well, I’m not going to lie – the first doesn’t give much away, but let’s see if anyone can get it! Remember, PM me with your guess and either your Kong ID or a link to your Facebook profile – and it’s one guess only!


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Incredibly, from that single image, eight people got the answer correct – it’s ASHWOOD! Congratulations to the lucky winner Miyagi_Ryu_Etn!