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Here is the new revised list of event. Nothing is ever etched in stone, things can be tried, changed, and tried again. Lets give things a chance and enjoy!
On a designated week, players have a chance to challenge another player to a duel of sorts. All challenges must be accepted in world chat and then the battle is on! You may challenge with your choice of up to 3 Heros (however you arrange them-can be support/rs/tac/eng). Each week you are allowed up to 10 wins/5 rewards. However each win you will subsequently be awarded a prize of higher value. Example:
1st win- 1 silver, prest, exploit card + 1 chip + 2 gift cards + 1 bugle pack
3nd win 3 silver, prest, exploit cards + 3 chips + 6 gift cards + 1 bugle pack
6rd win 6 silver, prest, exploits cards + 6 chips + 12 gift cards + 2 bugle packs
8th win 8 silver, prest, exploits cards + 8 chips + 16 gift cards + 2 bugle packs
10th win 10 silver, prest, exploits cards + 10 chips + 12 gift cards + 2 bugle packs
To verify battle a BR must be supplied as well as a post with which Staff was available to verify challenge was accepted. Example post

INGame Name: HolyCow
Who was Challenged: UnHolyCow
Winner: unHolyCow and link
Staff to Verify Challenge: Best GM in the entire world
Number of Heros to fight: 2
Win number: 1 (1,2,3,4 or 5 for the week)
Server: K3 or K4

Only 2 attacks can be with members of your own family. Cannot attack your alts/second accounts. Battles should be with different players, not repeats

All participants will get a bugle pack!! or two, depending on the number of fights

Week will start on 0000 Sunday and end at 2359 Saturday(servertime)

Second Event will be
This is a League Event, on a designated week. Leagues members who post will be awarded for max acquired exploits over a week period. The week will start 0000 Sunday and end 2359 Saturday(servertime). Host/Host designate is responsible for having all players in league post a Screen shot of the Resource page in rankings showing exploits gained for the week. At the beginning of the next week exploits will be added and winners announced. The Screen shot should show ingame name, server, ranking/resource page. Example post:

INGame Name: HolyCow
League: MoooCentral
Server: K3 or K4
Exploits Earned: 1 billion :-O
Link for Screen Shot:

Awards for the top 5 Leagues:
1st – Red Equipment Box + 5 Chips
2nd- Orange Equipment Box + 4 chips
3rd- Purple Equipment Box +3 chips
4th- Blue Equipment Box +2 chips
5th- Green Equipment Box + 1 chip

Link: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/84-senatry/topics/298299-exploits-expo

Third Event will be
This will be a weekly scheduled event for all to come to world and enjoy some fun and games. We have Guess that Picture Quiz, Stump the PG and Funniest Joke Wins!! Awards to be announced.
Guess the Picture Quiz Players will be shown a Screen shot of a picture that is pixelated or enlarged and players or a family Represenative will have a chance to guess what it is.
Stump the PG PG get out your google, it’s payback time. Family represenatives will be elected and they will have a chance to stump the PG.
Family Quiz Representatives from each family will be chosen to participate in quiz. Only their answers will be valid during quiz to win awards for the entire family.


Fourth Event is
This event will happen in winter during Bonus time. Players who can show me their drops will be awarded! Simply Screen shot your chat with the drop announcement or Screen shot the drop from the npc and mail to the GM/PG at that time. Awards to be announced

Fifth Event
This will be an ongoing event, simply screen shot your win helping a noob( level 130-81 helping lvl 60 or below, 80-61 helping lvl 40 or below, 60-41 helping lvl 30 or below, 40-30 helping lvl 20 or below). You will be rewarded with a chip! Max wins per week 3.

Link: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/84-senatry/topics/278348-k4-help-a-newbie

Sixth Event
Ranch Domination
Brave heroes and heroines of Rome!
If you don’t eat you will starve to death, so … leave your swords and pick up pitchforks !
Time for Ranch Domination!
It’s a League Event, on a designated week.
Goal of this event is to hold target ranch for longest time possible.
Upon taking ranch league host (or other member) is required to post screenshot containig:
- server name
- date and time (server)
- ranch taking announcement (in chat)

Target ranches are:
Server K4 –
Server K3 -

After the event ends all leagues will have their times calculated and added up. Rewards will be awarded according to total time aquired.
1st place: 10 chips and 15 gift cards
2nd place: 7 chips and 10 gift cards
3rd place: 5 chips and 7 gift cards
4th place: 3 chips and 5 gift cards
5th place: 1 chip and 3 gift cards

Example post:
INGame Name: HolyCow Host
League: Moooocentral
Server: K4
Ranch taken at: 14.08.2012
Link for Screen Shot: http:screenshotshowingwholescreen,jpg

This is event taking place on designated week. Week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.
Goal of event is to find specific numbers in battle reports.

Numbers to find must generated by players themselves following way:
1. You take last 3 digits of your total prestige amount – ( for example if your prestige is 123456, then number to find would be 456).
2. You take screenshot of your gamescreen showing your prestige (best by using ‘Submit bug’ feature).
3. Then you must find number from step 1 in your battlereport (it must be in summary, for example: highest damage = 4567 – number 456 is there, so this BR qualify for event)
4. If you found the number, then you must post screenshot from step 2 and Battle Report from step 4. Post should look like:
IGN (In Game Name): Lazybum
Server: K4
Number: 456
Win No: 1
Link to screenshot:
Link to BR:

You can repeat steps 1-4 to find up to 5 numbers. Each number must be different though – so you need to change your prestige amount for each one (by attacking someone for example).
Depending on amount of numbers found you can win one of following rewards:
1 number – 1 chip and 3 gift cards
2 numbers – 3 chips and 5 gift cards
3 numbers – 5 chips and 7 gift cards
4 numbers – 7 chips and 10 gift cards
5 numbers – 10 chips and 15 gift cards

PS. ‘Number’ must be ALWAYS 3 digits – if your prestige is let’s say 123011, then you have to find ‘011’ in your BR – not just ‘11’ (for example BR with total damage = 35011 will qualify, but 35411 will not !).

This list maybe changed or updated as GM sees fit.

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So the new events will be started on new week (after sunday 00:00) or already started and going till saturday 23:59?

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All events are available now, however some run a week at a time .. ie.. Gladiator Games or Exploits Expo or Ranch Domination.
Legion Affairs is in Winter and Meet and Greets are as announced.
Help a Noob is always running.