[Thunderstone] game report

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1* I’m currently level 3. I can’t see any difference with level 1 or 2 and there are no gift for the progression.
2* for see the reel XP I need to reload the game :(
3* you tell in the game update that “Night” is free this week but when I try to get it, it tell me I have to pay 25 kreds.
4* the game is a little slow, when ther are 3 or 4 opponants in the scenario, it is a little boring.
5* please make more free content. I understand you want money for your work but the more peoples like it and play it, the more you will gain with the publicity.

6* despite all, I want you to know that I like this game ! I’m really looking for the next updates and the next chapters because you got a really good concept. keep on good working ! :D

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It was free ages ago. The developer should have removed that info long time ago.