[Chronicles of Blood] Blood Diamond Draws!!!

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Starting today Monday, July 30th and ending Monday, August 6th. I will be hosting a series of draws for Blood Diamonds.

Everyday there will be a daily winner of 100 BD’s. All leading up to a grand finally of 3 draws on August 6th for. 250 BD, 500 BD, and 1000 BD!!!!

The only requirements is that you are at least level 11 in the game (I will check) to show that you play it and to prevent people from creating multiple accounts to enter the draw more than once.*

There are two ways to enter, either send me a Private message with your CoB in game name, or post on my wall in CoB. (Go to Community —> Gifting —> Search my Name at the bottom of the page) My In game name is Ikursan. You can only enter the draw once however your name can be drawn multiple times, so if you are extremely lucky you could win all 10 prizes!

I repeat you only have to enter once and you are eligible to win every day! :)

Once a prize has been rewarded you will have 72 hours to claim said prize. You will receive a in game post on your wall, as well as a private message, and a post on this thread to notify you if you are a winner.

(Prizes will be award at 12:00am EST every night)

Thank you and good luck to all. :)

Edit: do not whisper me your In game name. as I am not around all the time and I won;t be able to track it that way. Either send me a private message through kong or a message in the game itself.

The way it works:
As you give me your CoB name I match it up with a number 1= Player 1, 2= Player 2, and so on and so forth, and when the time comes I use a random number generator and if the number that come up matches your name then Bingo! you win!

Edit: Since we have reached a milestone in the amount of players registered, I will announce two winners every night!

July 30th-Alura Vvaros Aurea
July 31st- dogtoo4
August 1st -Argyle
August 2nd – Garotte
August 3rd – Matantan10, KoD
August 4th – Deathstroke, Querylon
August 5th – Lavos Deathwing, Sunrise
August 6th – Myrrh, Deth

  • Due to over 100 people registered three draws also took place on August 4th to have 2 winners for each day **
    The Winners are:
    - Naxan
    - Galorix
    - Devil

250 BD winner-Imbalance
500 BD winner- Machatlu
1000 BD winner- Brhino

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Bumping this back up to the top of teh list so it can be seem by everyone interested.

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I would like to enter.

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Even if I do not win anything, thank you for doing this! This is very generous of you.

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Bump. It was out of the top listing.

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I agree w/ querylon

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You are awesome for running this <3 :-)

~Alura Vvaros Aurea

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I won a drawing! This is so cool. Thank you bunches. :D

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A great, heartfelt thanks to Ikursan for his generosity. On behalf of all winners, thanks again.

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Congratulations to all the winners in the draw. Looking forward to having everyone back again next time. For yes, there will be a next time ;)