[BigHeadBash] Bashy Art Contest Winners Announced (locked)

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Greetings Bashers,
After deliberations with the team here, we’ve picked the winners for the Bashy Art Contest. Again we want to thank all of you who sent in their art and took the time to make such great looking toys. We thank you for the effort you put in.

So without further ado, here are the winners:

  • 1st Prize- Alex Crowley, Headshot

  • 2nd Prize- Mario Veltri, Oculus Poculus

  • 3rd Prize- Erica Claeyssen, SvenGhouli

Headshot will be featured in the game in the near future. Along with that you get 1000 gold tokens for in-game purchase in BHB. 2nd & 3rd places get 750 & 500 gold tokens respectively. Please check your emails, we’ve already sent you notification about the results.

Consolation Prizes

500 tickets, so that you can buy awesome toys and weapons.

Toto Kwok – Freakin
Pedro Santos – Skyrim

Congratulations to all the winners. There will be more Contests in the future, for those of you who missed out, keep checking back. We’ll be giving away a lot more prizes soon.

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Congratulations Alex Crowley and the rest of the winners, all of the work was great.
I was rooting for Headshot to win, one fine new toy to play. :D

Those 500 tickets are awesome, thanks!

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Woah. I hadn’t seen any of the submissions prior to this. Great job guys! You put a lot of hard work into your’ submissions you guys obviously deserved to win.

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Thanks for the props guys. Can’t wait to see how the team translate my artwork into a 3D model for the game, absolutely blew my mind when I got the email. I’ll hopefully see you all in there for a match or two. And plus, besides getting a copy of Headshot when he’s ready to rock, totally going to buy Alice and BULK weaponry when I nab some gold token action. It has been a good day indeed. Also, how’s the detail on Mario’s submission? Utterly bad-ass.

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hope its for tickets… …more boost to cv