[BigHeadBash] Guide and Suggestions to BHB [Author Deceased]

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Everything of Yobaby’s, pretty clear

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1. General Combat tips.

Shotgun=a high damage, low range weapon (flamethrower)
Uzi=a low damage, high rof and high range weapon (eg. pepper grinder)

-keep moving-jump alot (unless ambushing)

-Try as hard as you can to get criticals. I can’t stress how important this is. If you do this all the time, you could kill most people. This tip is ONE OF THE most important tips in here-also, in addition to damage, you get extra 50 bash points

-Long shots, spray and pray are great-turn up volume and listen for sounds.

-Ambushing-safest and best way for mid-level players-camp out somewhere hidden close to a major fighting place or somewhere hidden near teleporters, then use uzi a bit (keep moving) , and finally finish off with shotgun [also can use sniper instead of uzi finish off with uzi instead of shotgun which is better]. Or (if you can) Camp out ABOVE a oneway platform above a major fighting place or teleporter (hidden of course), then use shotgun once, swap weapons, and finish off with uzi. [which is the best]. If you can, also try and be the same toy and team color as the hiding place (camouflage [not nessecary]).

- Staying alive-never retreat toward any particular place, unless its a very near health pack or a teleporter that would teleport you to a health pack. Moving around is fine. Not in combat, create a path to get as health packs as possible in the shortest time. Also, Us teleporters to your advantage

- Stealing kills-(see manners, next post)- full on assault them, they’ve got less health than you at least less than 1/4, after you kill them, use your health pack route

- Bash- some people us it to get extra health, some people use it to do soemthing else, but there are only two REALLY GOOD ways for it: When you’re in a tight spot (2 or more people cornering you) [also see beating 2 people together] use it (damage, improved rof being major help). Other one, killing an enemy you really want to kill (speed boost , health regeneration being the major help) Also, if you have nothing to do, just use bash immediately, bigger head =more criticals on you and more often than not, you actually get 1 or 2 kills without tracking someone.
-killing 2 or more people. Lots of moving around and shotguning(hit both at one) only try to do it when you have advantage on them (ambush, health)

thats it.

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Manners and tips


- Dont attack disabled people, if you accidentally do, make sure you say sorry—BE a gentelman
- Dont steal kills a person has killed from the beginning-otherwise, steal the kill! (=
- Dont us 1337 speak to bypass censors for bad means (see chat censors) or hurt other people and boasting (unless kidding). Be nice on Kong chat.


- Chat censors- use leet speak (1337 language) if you want to say something thats not harmful. Heres what I think you can use ( I hold no responsibilty for any harm caused) damn=d4mn, hell0=he!lo (only for hello, not for hell). Thats it 2 words

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Nice and Impressive work, Yobaby!

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YoBaby says: |/\|3||……..

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Map ideas:

In Development

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Finally back! wonder what the changes are? Wasnt able to play for over 1 1/2 weeks! ah well, except more from now on.

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Look here newbies! Extended Tutorial:

1. exp: they are the purple things. Size=more exp. Exp=higher level=more stuff to buy and a cooler picture (2). tickets: collect them from kills (deathmatch) or flags (capture), always get them. (3). Lag: Press the option button: a tiny button on the top row second from right with a picture of gears on it. (4). Stupid keyboard contols (space to jump and right mouse to change weapon) change them in the option menu (the green button that says control settings (5). Bash: killing people gets you bash. Notice that as soon as you get bash, use it. Your bigger head makes it much easier to get hit (with criticals?). Also, bash pack is better than health. (6). the diamond health pack, not a trap, best health pack of all, fills up your health half. (7). Free tokens (20 free tokens) Even people without facebook account or twitter, just click the buttons stay on the page it gets you for a 10-20 secs and Whullah! even people without accounts (from my experience, they may have changed it though) (8). Change toys: go to my collection (on the top) go to toys then, then click on the toy you want to change to the toy you want. (9). change weapons in middle of battle: when you die, press q and reselect your weapons. (10): E to get weps from the ground (11): Q to switch weps

Pro tip, once you have enough tokens, spend them first on your favorite toy (if it’s a token only one. 50% discount now.) Give you ticket boosts and makes you look cool!

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Updated people (=. Read this. this is a good forum. seriously. 100% legal too. (=. Also will make you a better player. A much better player if you follow this. Also, a few messages and suggestions for SpicyHorse. thx everyone. Also, if you have anything to add, feel free to post.


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YoBaby, you are lots of fun to play with an a worthy adversary.

But I’d like to add a few points to this.

Honestly I hope you don’t read this because you already kick my but a lot. XD

PRAY AND SPRAY! While getting crits is cool and all, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ran through a corridor (jungle middle flag area) with my guns blazing and got 1-2 and on a lucky streak 3 kills just for spraying bullets into the area! Kills, not assist, but this will help getting assist too.

CRITICALS = accuracy. Aim where you want your bullets to spread, if you are aiming close you will have more spread like a shotgun blast, when you aim further you will have a more direct shot, the bullets lose accuracy at the crosshairs and also gain crit, it’s a trade off but always go for a crit.

WHAT TO WASTE TICKETS ON. A lot of newbs buy rockets and other guns. Don’t do that. There are only two guns worthy of using till you have about 1000 tickets so save up till you can buy a Pepper Sprayer or anything that is worth 1000 tickets. The Chainsaw is a replacement for the shotgun but if you need range the lava gun or bolt gun is good.

In the end you want something with a range, and something with close quarter combat abilities.

The UZI is awesome! if you need to pack some more heat get a booster, but don’t but a weapon till you can replace it with a Pepper Sprayer.

The SHOTGUN, use it with Bash Mode and just kill anything near you.

Buy a CHARACTER SKIN! instead of a laser if you want to support the devs I don’t use a laser and have decided not to, they are cheap and unfair, but if someone bust one out and you have one, unleash your inner Jedi. You will notice none of the good players use them and people leave games when a noob goes Anikan Walker style.

Anyways cheers YoBaby!

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Oh last thing, I was actually working on a faqs for this game. Weapons and whatnot, even buying the crappier weapons to try them out. Hit me up if you want to make a wiki cause im intrested in doing that too :D.

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Capture Point Tips:
Buy flamethrower + speed boost (yellow). (get to more flags)

Equip snipers. kill the as they approach you. (again shotgun 2000 and sniper (cuz accuracy solved, stay still). one shot kill them when they’re standing still. And finish off with SMG or Pepper.

DFnse is also good booster
DMG booster won’t help you get more flags.

No More coming…

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Weapon combos

EDIT: new combo’s

Best: Sniper and sniper lvl=Pro, needs lots of getting used to
Second Best: Flamethrower and Peppergun lvl: the improving n00b. Flamethrower is very good.
Third Best: Pepper and Shotgun 2000, the equivalent of SMG and Shotgun lvl: nothing! easy as the default, need no getting used to

Try these, maybe they’ll suit you:
Rocketlauncher+ a spyder, not torch tho
Sniper/smg+Rooster-sniper is better but harder


Note: When you buy boosters, keep in mind if you have shotgun/sniper/chainsaw /lavagun (high dmg), you’ll want to buy the damage boost instead of shooting speed, if you have SMG/laser/etc. youll wanna buy the shooting speed. no boosters is always best. Dfnse and Spd are the best for CP.

Lvl combo’s

n00b: long range, rof style weps. always run away from enemy, Spray and pray, get the toy defense up boost.

Average joe: long range, high rof, short range high dmg. If your stronger wep is long range, keep distance from enem, short range, hop around the enemy. get rof boost

Pro: I guess I don’t need to write this, bcuz they probably already know.but whatevs. High dmg all weps (exception:lasers) , one high range, one close range. all boosts (the red one should be damage boost)

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Sure thing (=. It would certainly boost BHB publicity.

Originally posted by BunnyKing77:

Oh last thing, I was actually working on a faqs for this game. Weapons and whatnot, even buying the crappier weapons to try them out. Hit me up if you want to make a wiki cause im intrested in doing that too :D.

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and if u can r@ep, u can use melee weps like i do sometimes

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New mode ideas: Just pick the ones you like. Dont include all of them (=. yah, you’ll probably not include ANY of the (=. whatevs.


LMS and FFA with lvl restrictions? option in the create room

Juggernaut: (The "juggernaught has bonus speed, damge etc.etc. and is the only one that can kill people and get points, and everybody has to try to kill the juggernaught, and whoever kills him will become the juggernaught etc.etc.,

Team elimination, LMS in a team(less camping)

Capture the flag in a big room. And the capture the flag is not this one, its where you get the flg from the other side and bring it back to your own side, you will have extremely low health when you carry a flag.

*SOme from RAZE 2 Addisonr and juice tin.


One man Army: one alot of n00b AI’s will vs you (can adjust No.) in elimination. Each noob has 5 lives. Therefore, 5*(however many you chose). You have the (specified lives up to 1 for every 4 AI lives). Elimination.

Zombies: Pretty straightforward survival: adjust the num of lives, dmg, speed other stats and udjust difficulties of enemies.

One vs One: Very smart of high stat AI verse you in ELimination, deathmatch. Adjust Difficulty

Ramdomness. Explore a strange endless landscape. and kill enemies (adventure mode) Also, quests)

LMS and FFA: AIs. Straightforward. Adjust difficulty.

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Special Guide

Ninja map: Best Weps: Pepper Grinder and Flamethrower (because there are alot of walls and flamethrowers can shoot though walls. VERY USEFUL). Strategy: When youre going on offensive, use pepper-grinder and do the normal stuff and don’t forget to use flamethrower as much as possible! When Ambushing, use sniper and there are two really good places to hide. The “pavilion” on the very left of the map has a little ledge under the roof, use that. Also second one is On the Big temple at the left, the top “floor” and hide behind the curtain to most right. BestToy:Box

Pirate: Best weapon: Sniper. Best method: ambush-There should be a metal grate you can shoot though, smack in the middle of the map make sure by shooting through it, if you can, it is the place. It is on deck and it is not a rope platform. There, use your sniper (use a dmg boost) and critical snipe anyone passin under you. Best Toy: Grog G. Peckerhead

Robot Factory: Best toy: Inspectrum. Flamthrower, sniper: When you’re fighting, dont forget to always hide behind one of the walls

Jungle (capture) Best Wep: Sniper. Best Toy: SvenGhouli. Use Floatron to kill large amounts of people huddled together under a flag/sniper to 1 shot one 1 kill people under flags(dmg booster needed i think, but not confirmed) and use gamma gun when their is only one person under a flag(deflect it off walls to hit them)

Toy Store: Best Toy: Count Smalls Best Guns: Flamethrower/ peppergun/ uzi. all out kill like crazy. Flamthrower is good for killing by standing under the place where the battlefield is: the middle platfor. Under that are another 2 half platforms.

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Best ways to use guns:

SMG: Spray and Prays
Shotgun: Wait for people to come to you:(unless they have shotgun 2000). And Critical shoot Them. DONT APPROACH THEM!
Sniper: Ambushes.-accuracy is better when the cursor is closer to you. The closer, the better accuracy.
Flamethrowers: always use walls
Sticky: RAndom spray onto battlefeild
Bolt gun: Whenever you see someone, shoot like mad
Rooster Gun: See someone, shoot like mad
Gauss gun: Alsways use walls and roofs to your advantage (this gun is only if your facing n00bs, otherwise, use raygun)
Raygun: See someone=shoot like mad and always criticals
Teapot: Spray and pray
lavagun: random shoot onto battlefeild

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Off Combat Tips (some are from bloo :p)

Looking for lots of tickets, lots of exp EVERYDAY? Do all the quests until your on the last one (check the progression tab) and do all the quests but one. And keep doing that until you want your weps. (=

Always reconfig your controls after each update

If Lag- Mute the music, and turn the sound to the lowest level (option shift and then the softer key on a mac to make it a quarter volume). Go to Options and quality=fastest and then close all applications and also all other tabs and windows. Make sure you have more than a quarter battery or plugged in. turn down the brightness to lowest lvl except on darker lvls=ninja. Tahts about it.

BUYING STUFF-Save up to a sniper or sticky grenade or pepper grinder. alll great weps. And dont buy all the toys. Buy every 5 toy or so cheapest to most expensive. Also, when buying toys, keep camouflage in mind too. Teapot is also very good investment for collector value.

When really low on tickest and really need to buy something- go cheap- buy boosters- they pay for themselves like 1.1 times over if you play well. capture is a good way to make lots of tickests- I make around 50-60 tickets every capture round- of course im running 100% extra tickets.

If you need a bit more collector value, like under 500, buy boosters, think of it. You can get 500 collector value just by spending 50 tickets. But there’s a cap to no. of boosters you can own. Just don’t equip the boosters.

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Updated!: People new guide on how to be a better player! Keep Bashing!

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Replying to see 1st page.

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Originally posted by Bloo1234:

Reply to see 1st page.

dafuq was /post for?