[Skyshard Heroes] Ideas to Make the Game More Enjoyable.

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Table of contents:
1-New-player boost
3&4-Destructibles’ Menu and Conquest Ideas
5-Guild Points System and Guild Levels

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Here is where the thread actually starts

Here are a bunch of suggestions that I think would be appropriate to be added. The reason I didn’t post this in the sticky thread is because long suggestions are usually neglected in that thread, since people don’t expect to read a wall of text as a comment.
Inb4 “tl;dr”: Here is the summary: I suggest a little boost to new players, a way to reproduce a layout easily, a new way to use destructibles, a fix to conquest to make it more enjoyable and a Guild level system that gives extra bonuses.
Here are the details:

1-New-player boost.

New players always seem to be overwhelmed and crushed by stronger players that they tend to give up and leave easily. It’s not too much of a problem for now, but it will be soon, especially if more things are added in (which I hope will be added). Hence, I suggest that you give some kind of head-start to people who start today. And an even bigger head start next month or so. That head-start could simply be a bunch of 1-min, 5-min, 20-min, 1-hour, 6-hour and 24-hour speed-ups. Maybe in the following amount respectively: 20/10/5/4/2/1. And that amount should be doubled in a month. That way players could actually catch up slightly faster to the current wave of players.

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I thought it was a great idea, and others thought about it too. I call it “Blueprint” that could be added as a button next to “Guild”. It only applies to conquest lands. It would open a menu in which there is a selection of citadel levels which each lead to a different page. On each page, there would be a grid and a list of buildings and the max amount you can place on the sides. The grid would show the possible movements of buildings and would represent the whole map in a smaller scale. Each building would be represented as a box with its name on it and/or a color. Once you’ve placed the buildings in the desired way, there would be a “save” button that saves the layout. You can then enter any conquest map and click the button next to “save” called “set layout” depending on the citadel level. If any building is missing, or if any building is in surplus, there will be a notice that could appear saying “You cannot set this layout due to a lack/excess of buildings.” If the map meets the requirements, the building would set themselves according to the blueprint. Building levels (other than Citadel) don’t matter.

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3-Destructibles’ Menu.

Since destructibles are permanently removed once destroyed, I suggest that there is another button in the “Destructible” menu at the bottom (or top) called “Upgrade Menu”. That button leads to another window (like when switching from “My Hero” to “Hero Vault”) that leads to destructible upgrade menu that would be similar to unit upgrading menu. You can permanently upgrade destructibles in that menu (for a much longer time than when you upgrade it on the field). That way, next time you re-build it, it will still be the level at which it was destroyed, except you have to wait for it to be re-built before it is functional.
Level 1→2: Bulwark takes 5min normally. Make it 25mins in that menu for double the resources.
Level 2→3: 1hour 20mins (instead of 20mins) and double resources.
As for Lightning Totem,
Level 1→2: 12hours 30mins and double resources.
Level 2→3: 2days 12hours and double resources (as long as it doesn’t go over 300k).
And once they are permanently upgraded in that menu, you can build one for base time multiplied by level squared. So level 4 Bulwark would take 1min * 4^2 = 16mins to build and level 4 Lightning Totem would take 20mins * 4^2 = 5hours 20mins.

Once again, this is just an example.

4-Conquest ideas.

First off, we need to get rid of 3-hour protection thing completely and replace it with 5-minute or 15-minute protection to give the time to repair and fix layout and such. Secondly, a slow auto-repair system that activates if a land is not repaired within 5 minutes. Third, add an “Abandon Land” button that allows us to leave a land when defending it. Fourth, and most importantly, increasing the conquest size and amount of guilds (once the server can take it) as well as adding these features would really make things more enjoyable, along with my next suggestion.

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5-Guild Points System and Guild Levels.

This one is really long, so get ready.
5.1-Guild point system.

I think a guild point system would make conquest, pvp and guilds have more interest.
Here is how I suggest that it works:

It will be split in 2 parts and would appear as subsections of “Guilds”.

  • Part 1: Guild territory points.
    This one will appear under “Guild Territories” subsection.
    Every land owned in conquest gives + 1.
    Every fortification gives + 3.
    Every Guild gives + 5.
    Bastion gives + 10.

The guild with most Land Points would be ranked #1 in “Guild Territories” subsection.

  • Part 2: Global guild points.
    This one will appear under “Global Guild Points” subsection.
    Each member of the guild will have individual points that add up to the guild’s total points. To gain points:
    →Capture enemy lands (regular lands gives + 1, Fortifications give + 2, Guilds give + 3, Bastion gives + 5).
    →Hold unprotected lands for 1 hour to gain 1 point per land (no matter which land).
    →Successfully defend any land for 1 point.

The guild with most accumulated Guild Points would be ranked #1 in “Global Guild Points” subsection.
5.2 Guild level

The guild points and guild level should appear as a bar similar to player level in the “Guild” menu in “My Guild” under the name or something like that. The following two (2) suggestions would be great combined with Diadem’s suggestions.
5.2.1-Guild level bonuses:

Guilds should gain levels with the previously-mentioned Global Guild Points. Each level grants a buff, up to level 100. All points gained after level 100 will simply add to the total points the guild has without affecting its level. An example of the required points to level is further down.

  • Level 0:
    Defense Towers: + 0% HP; + 0% Attack; + 0 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 0% HP; + 0 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 0% HP; + 0% Attack; + 0 Armor.
  • Level 1:
    Defense Towers: + 1% HP; + 1% Attack; + 0 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 1% HP; + 0 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 1% HP; + 0.5% Attack; + 0 Armor.
  • Level 2:
    Defense Towers: + 2% HP; + 2% Attack; + 0 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 2% HP; + 0 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 2% HP; + 1% Attack; + 0 Armor.
  • Level 3:
    Defense Towers: + 3% HP; + 3% Attack; + 1 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 3% HP; + 1 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 3% HP; + 1.5% Attack; + 1 Armor.
  • Level 4:
    Defense Towers: + 4% HP; + 4% Attack; + 1 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 4% HP; + 1 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 4% HP; + 2% Attack; + 1 Armor.
  • Level 5:
    Defense Towers: + 5% HP; + 5% Attack; + 1 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 5% HP; + 1 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 5% HP; + 2.5% Attack; + 1 Armor.
  • Level 6:
    Defense Towers: + 6% HP; + 6% Attack; + 2 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 6% HP; + 2 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 6% HP; + 3% Attack; + 2 Armor.

In other words, Towers get + 1% HP and Attack per level; Support Buildings get + 1% HP per level; Units and Heroes get + 1%HP and 0.5% Attack per level; everything gets + 1 Armor per 3 levels (except for last 3 levels).

  • Level 97:
    Defense Towers: + 97% HP; + 97% Attack; + 32 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 97% HP; + 32 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 97% HP; + 48.5% Attack; + 32 Armor.
  • Level 98:
    Defense Towers: + 6% HP; + 6% Attack; + 33 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 6% HP; + 33 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 6% HP; + 49% Attack; + 33 Armor.
  • Level 99:
    Defense Towers: + 99% HP; + 99% Attack; + 34 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 99% HP; + 33 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 99% HP; + 49.5% Attack; + 34 Armor.
  • Level 100:
    Defense Towers: + 100% HP; + 100% Attack; + 35 Armor.
    Support Buildings: + 100% HP; + 33 Armor.
    Units and Heroes: + 100% HP; + 50% Attack; + 35 Armor.

5.2.2-Guild points to level:

Here’s a chart of the suggested points to level. It goes by the following formula:
h1. X^2 * 10
Where X=Level to achieve.

In other words, going from level 0 to 1 takes (1^2 * 10)=10 total points.

1→2: 40 total points.
2→3: 90 total points.

98→99: 98,010 total points.
99→100: 100,000 total points.

Here is the chart:

Once again, numbers are just suggestions.

Reminder about Hero thread:

Hero Thread

Reminder about guide to all stats thread:

Guide to All Stats

Reminder about guide to conquest thread:

Guide to Conquest Thread
I hope some of these are taken into consideration and hope to see them in-game! .

Comment on what you think about these ideas! :)

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sucks it ll take ages to be added

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Originally posted by polasky:

sucks it ll take ages to be added

With that attitude, for sure. But this can be done in days, if the effort is put in it.

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Suggestion: Create a wandering AI guild (skyshards version of barbarians/vikings?) that comes onto the conquest map along one edge, it starts with 4 attacks as standard, recharges one attack per 20 minutes. The guild that destroys the last tile of that AI guild is rewarded with a full day of random buffs. This would bring a fluidity currently lacking, to the game, and well..just damn well mix things up a little, bring some fun back.

Suggestion 2: Add protected icons to the Attack Town Using popup, which lists troops you have available for fighting, along with length of time remaining as a mouse-over display. Knowing how soon a protection is about to last when you’re ready to use troops would compliment the use of town troops and encourage its use if all the info was readily available at the right point in the gameplay….ie when you’re hitting some smegger. (Reposted from bug & suggestions thread).

New suggestion: Add a server message detailing where any other guild member is initiating a conquest map attack, in the same way that we already get messages about incoming attacks or scouting. That way we can help coordinate our efforts more easily, and it also gives guild leaders a better idea who is participating and pulling their weight in major campaigns.

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And i suggest you introduce another building called “academy” so we can have upgrades to increase resource production, improving units plus improving hero on all aspects and providing special upgrades to them, allow special defence upgrades to homebase, allowing us additional extra slots for resource and defence buildings, etc.It would be really good if you do that and its also really great for us to use what “academy” provides and help in making ourselves strong.