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This is Star Supremacy new fortress war design we are going to make in the future update. Following the basic rules, also if you guys have any good points on it, please post them here.

New Fortress War is opened once a week. Fortresses are closed during the peacetime. There are three stages.
1st stage, peacetime. All the fortresses are hidden
2nd stage, preparation time, form 7am to 7pm on Saturday sever time. game system randomly picks one fortress from the original four and shows on the map.
3nd stage. War time. 8pm on Saturday to 8pm on Sunday sever time
Qualification: Alliance members ≥ 10

In the 2nd stage, alliance leader, vice leader and military officer can appoint alliance members’ colony as the War Frontline (three colonies for each alliance at most). When appointed, there will be an orange line shown on the map, links the colony and the target fortress. Thus everybody can see which alliance and whose colony is ready to attack the target fortress

Once the frontline colony is captured by other players, the leaders’ energy (who are garrisoned in the fortress) will drop by 1 point per minute.
Once the frontline colony is settled, it cannot be changed during the war

Prizes include, rare resources, new orange equipments, highly research blueprint & fragment. Etc. The longer (time) you capture the fortress, more prizes you will receive.

Cannot use Ship Recovery, Energy Potion and Fleet Accelerate Items
Frontline Colony cannot be spied.
Team leader cannot be changed

Trade Posts Bonus
Each trade post ≥ LV5 your alliance captured, +1% armor bonus for alliance member
The alliance who captured the fortress will not have this bonus

When the war ends, fortress disappears. All fleets (include those who are on the way) return to colony. Fleets who are waiting for battle, will return after they finish the battle

Planet Buff + Super Prizes ( the longer you capture the fortress, more prizes you take)

Recover all ship loss during the fortress and frontline colony battle. Only for loser.

Remove the colony ship blueprint rewards from the original fortress

Star Supremacy Team

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So, to clarify…
The main goal is to capture a Fortress, that appears in semi-random spots once every week? And holding this fortress is what gives us the rewards?
And the Frontline Colony is merely the only place an allience may launch an attack on this fortress?
And the sole reason an opposing allience were to capture another Frontline Colony (in regards to this event), is merely to weaken the opposition currently inside the Fortress?

And is the winner decided by who still has the Fortress by 8pm Sunday?
So the planet buff would go to them, and every other allience who lost ships in the event gets them back? Including any ships lost attacking/defending other Frontline Colonies?
Are the ‘Super Prizes’ awarded over time, or is it merely how long you’ve held the Fortress dictating how many prizes you get (and the quality of those prizes) once the event is over?

If the answer is yes to all those questions, where applicable, then I would find it safe to say I understand this event completely. :)
Looks good so far, see if I can’t gather some opinions and potential ways to improve this event…

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yea. and we are right now still thinking on improving it. we would like to here more advice and suggestion

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Fortress Tech is already a bottleneck for those not in a strong alliance. This will only create an even bigger bottleneck. I know it’s not always possible. But the Developers really ought to play thier own game sometimes. If your going to do this. You should have more than 1 fort pop up. As the plan is. Your only going to frustrate people when they find out they can’t advance via colony ship tech, or compete in this. Simply because people who have been playing since the server started, eventually all coalese into 1 or 2 super alliances. Which means your SOL if your not in them. But if you keep opening up new servers periodiclly and closing old ones. That does keep things fresh and helps solve the problem. Still only one fort is to few. You won’t end up with server wide participation. Like what your shooting for. More likely only the top 20 will be participating. That’ll be the direction this update takes the game. In sort. Not the best idea.

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i agree with boing, not only will just the top 2 or 3 alliances be competeing\, but only tthe top 20 or 30 players between the alliances. i know for myself that a battle cruiser fleet of 40 would be 1-hit killed by one of another high ranking player.

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take it easy, we are stilling thinking a better way to improve it