[Chronicles of Blood] Lost XP/Level(!)

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As of the last 24 hours, most likely within the last 12, I lost an entire experience level. This morning at my office I played until I beat my Tasha boss, sending me to level 28, and promptly beat 1-2 more r1 bosses to get me around halfway to level 29. I put 2 points into rage then complained on the chat that I needed 2 more control to wield the PvP P90, and then decided to kill more bosses to get further exp. I log out as I get out of work and don’t go back on, only to log in now – a few hours later – to find out my character Alura Vvaros Aurea is BACK to level 27 – despite my knowledge that I was in fact level 28 as of early this afternoon.

I’m not sure why or how this is possible but its annoying. If it wasn’t for the redeeming factor that I can now put my points into Control and get that epic P90, I would be quite unhappy at the wasted exp right now. As it stands, I just want to report this bug so the community knows about it and the admins work on it.

Cheers folks :-D

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Hello,that’s a bummer but if you report it to one of the mods in the bugs report area of the forum they will look into it for you…

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@Vvaryk; Hmm, i checked the database dumps of the last three days but from them your progress shows no problems

08.08 (0am CET): Level 25 xp: 183998
09.08 (0am CET): Level 26 xp: 195993
10.08 (0am CET): Level 27 xp: 217053

now: Level 28 xp: 231395

I also checked the spent stat points but they are also correct for your level, so i am sorry but i cannot reproduce your problem.