[Syfy Monster Island] monster map guide

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just a quick 1st draft of what monsters to find where. please add in missing info as you feel fit….

MB: green calypso
megacroc (poison, fire)

great white shark,
blue shark,
mb: squid experiment ,
boss: megalodon

Desert: phosphorous
sand spiders,
cobras (poison, shock)
MB:, Skorpion
Boss: Pterodactyl

tox crocs,
carn plants,
MB: ,

Swamp: guarana
black piranhas (shock, 0)
scav birds,
MP: squid boss.
Mandrake (fire, poison=

Facility (gasoline) :
Giant mosq (shock,0),
plaguecarriers (fire, physical),
mothpillar (fire, shock)
mb: Cyclops bat
Boss: Mothman (shock, poison)

Mountain pass (enzyme )
rock spiders (fire, poison),
mountain oyster (shock, poison)
flu birds (shock, Poison), ,
MB: ostrich exp ( ) loot: psy mask (45, hp 125, bd20, stimpack, adrenaline, energy drinks, Boss: Bonecrusher

Mountain Peak;
Hermit monkeys (shock, fire)
Spider crabs
Cold blooded anacondas, shock, fire
MB: Snow drifter
Boss; yeti (fire, shock)

Cave: coffee
Albino bats (shock, fire)
Green recluse (fire, poison)
Blood Baboon (Poison, shock)
MB: spark worm
Boss: Carrione

volcano: sulphuric blood
Obsidian piranha (shock,0)
Magma clams (poison, fire)
Firefly larva (shock fire)
MB:Wing demon (shock, fire),
Boss: Hell Spider

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hm it seems i can only edit topic title , not the text. anyway. the miniboss on insane beach is experiment #6.

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experiment 2 hides n swamp insane.
green calypso is in grasslands insane

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sorry calypso is jungle of course. grasslands is experiment #4

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lets see if they delete this thread seeing as i had a very similar thread which these clowns deleted which also included monster hp for each difficulty lvl and loot

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Where would find the following monsters:
Mega Python
Fowl King
SS Doom Trooper
& others