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hello evryone i’d like to make a colony design guide, which i believe that planning a colony is as much important as to make an effective ship design.
colony building is complex and confusing from when you start playing,

colony effiecency- when you start making resourse productive buildings there will be population and power demand, for population the ‘’colony quarter’’ building is required i found you dont need more then 3 of those to support all the colony for the power there is the ‘’solar panels’’ and ‘’power station’’ buildings the power station potential is great as they can give lots more power for the colony then the solar panel but require an open spot to build,
power station better be used in planets that have lots of open spots availble.

main buildings- some buildings are a must in every colony most of them require open spots
when new colony started open spots getting filled fast with the main buildings such as’’ base control ‘’ ’’spaceport’’ ’’shipyard’’ those buildings are there just for the operations of the colony their roles are:
base control- let you hire leaders and keep them in colony the higher the level the more extra leaders can be in that colony for the same time at most level 10 base control make the colony support 11 leaders 10 are the extra
spaceport- the space port link trade routes, also max level 10 means can link 10 trade routes but never counted
shipyard- shipsyard is …well shipyard let you build ships in that colony

important buildings- the important buildings are like the main buildings but they arent a must in the colony but will help great deal in the expanding of youre space empire they are ‘’trade platform’’ ‘’research facility’’ ‘’weopan facility’’

trade platform- let you trade with other players buying resourses for credits and exhange resourses for other resourses, made this building under important buildings list becouse theres alot of situations when you have for example 50k food but 1k goods and goods depleting fast becouse of the demand trade platform can exhange the useless food for goods
and lets you continue to build the colony
research facility- allthough need only 1 for the requirmens of the researches more facilities will increase research speed and make research faster.
weopan facility- like the reseach facility only 1 needed for the requirment however lvl 10 weopan facility grant the colony 30% less resourse for ship building in that colony and this fact brought the weopan facility to the important list

operative annoying buildings- the atmosphirc generator and the seistametic stebalizers arent fun usualy they are costly take lots of time to build and are a must in most planets good news is that this is possible to demolish them after they reach the max level and there is no further use for them.

atmospheric generator- gives air to the colony require to level colony hub to level 6 in plantes with no air and also colony quarters the generator colony hub and colony quarters will be leveled one after another therefor it is advised to no demolish this untill colony hub and colony quarters are at level 20
seistametic stebalizer- the stebalizer will make spots in the colony buildable or…. more buildable means turnning unstable ground spot to rought spot and rough spot to open spot the max level of this is 10 means only 10 spots can be turned therefore it must be used carefully in planets where there alot of unstable grounds. also opennig the spots first before turnning them is alot smarter then to level the stebalizer before even half the locked spots are revealed.

spots are revealed by leveling the colony hub and commecial center

in conclusion an efficent colony uses all the resource spots. have all the important buildings,
and another guide line- factories are best for goods cant say much on the industrial plant since never used them but seeing that turning ore to goods looks like just an ore waste.
following this guide lines abit of raiding for special resourses and hard work and patience,
you will have the space empire to be proud of!


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wow. I believe this will help newbies a lot.