[Syfy Monster Island] beginners strat to level fast

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  1. dont waste your precious energy in boss fights. you have little energy in the early levels. it will get better later. stick to completing quests, then post the boss at the end for others to kill.
    always do the toughest normal quests you can handle.
    only actually kill bosses, if you can do it in 1-3 rounds ( -after you leveled up more)
  1. save your megacash – unless you wanna pay to go premium – thats the thing worth most.
  1. skill tree: 1 very good recipe for the 1st 25 skill points:
    peacekeeper: regeneration, riot shield, machine core, diplomacy
    next scientist: static charge
  1. try to get machineguns and attack with ammo
  1. farm a lot of smaller bosses once they become easier for you to kill.

did i forget someting?

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oh and please- do come and chat, but dont keep begging everyone to kill your monsters.
post the bosses ingame to the raid forum, copy/paste the minibosses to chat window
be patient. they will be taken care of in not time, promise.

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-remember you can refight any spot onthe map, until the general tells you too move on. always complete the minion quests for an xp boost.

-if you post a raid to the “raid msg board” or kong chat assume that it will be killed, do not expect people to follow any “rules” in either place its a free for all. so DO YOUR DAMAGE FIRST, then post

-if you find yourself playing this game for hours, premium is worth it. since you will fully regen your energy/hp in 30 minutes regardless of how much you have.

-chickens are you best friends

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-Until you get some viable raid gear. Check the base shops regularly for the occasional useful equipment piece buyable with coin instead of credits.

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