[Drakensang Online] "Error code: 25" Server Crashed

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Hello, I created a new character in Agathon server and when I want to go in Grimmagstone to do my quests, it says this error.

It’s the 3rd time I try, still says it.

My Character on European server is ok though, never saw this error before.

Please help.

Edit: I tried to go in the Swerdfield Pastures, and it worked. I’d like to know why it crash when I want to enter Grimmagstone.

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Ok, played a bit, I’m able to go in the Catacombs and Hagastove Grotto.

Tried Grimmagstone again, Error 25.

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Was having the same problem last night, really frustrated. Was brought up, and hopefully fixed. See this forum post:


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Thanks for the answer, but I created a new account anyway… Fresh start!