[Syfy Monster Island] bonus challenge guide (world quest)

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a series to collect certain monsters for bonus rewards plase add missing info. I’ll repost the thread once info is complete. all are on insane maps

round 1 pirada clothing
5 black piranhas (swamp)
5 toxic crocs (grasslands)
1 green calypso (jungle)

round 2 “the other wite meat”
5 sand spider (desert)
5 rock spider (mountain pass)
5 spider crab (mountain peak)
(Reward 950 xp 15 coffe bean 1100 coin)

round 3
By Land, Sea and Air
5 giant mosquitos (facility)
5 blue sharks (beach)
1 skarpian (desert)

round 4 (?)
mega monster gumbo
5 magma clams (volcano)
5 mountain oysters (mountain pass)
1 experiment #2 (swamp)
950 exp, 10 x Bonecrusher Processor and 1100 Coins

round 5(?)
getting legless
5 cold blooded boas (mountain peak)
5 cobras (desert)
1 green calypso (jungle)

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there are part rewards for each leg of th quest. but final reward is swagger ammo recipe, which is more practical for killing carriones than schock ammo.