[Bad Eggs Online] My ideas for new weapons

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Wind changer-Changes wind in your favor and stays that way for three turns.
Squid launcher-Its a gun that launches squids your argument is invalid
shark gun-launches egg eating sharks at your enemies and the sharks jaws stay around their head for a short amount of time reducing all their guns acccuary for a short amount of time
teleporter gun-tired of your enemies running away not anymore just shoot them with this and you can teleport them anywhere on the map

thank you for your time

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Teleport block Are u tired of People teleporting someone where else because they got drilled or stuck Not no more! With teleport Block It blocks the signal for teleporting And it deals 10 damage Rank 120 To get it.

Another One Egg eating Human U summon a Robot Human And it siphons The eggs life to u Part of weapon Pack (8) I hope It deals 5 damage For 4 rounds And every time it does damage U get HP back to u

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nice ideas teh but some sound like they would be better as skills