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1st a quick overview of available skills, with a few comments thrown in by yours truly. you start with one skill tree, and a second tree unlocks at lvl 20 at the moment (17 august 2012). premium players may skill the other trees as well.

Passive 1
double tap (pistol) (chance of second shot)
spray&pray (MG) (chance to hit all targets after burst)

Passive 2
Vital shot (chance of extra burst)
Renegade (MG) (increase all MG damage)

Passive 3
Efficiency (increase ammo duration(
Killer Instinct (increase crit chance)

Supressive Fire (high damage shot)
bombs away (massive mob bomb drop)
i dont know of a strat that relies on pistols, and since you want your skills tie into each other, double tap is out for me.
spray and pray does mob damage and is MG based, but usually, minion mobs are not your main problem. you want to kill bosses better.
renegade seems interesting for MG users, but you have to unlock many other skills to get there.
efficiency, as things stan today (17 august 2012) is not attractive. your coffers will soon burst from ammo you collect in loot.
Passive 1
Static charge (chance for shock damage)
Trigger Happy (MG) (chance for 4th MG burst)

Passive 2
Conductivity (increase all shock damage)
Gene Therapy (increase chance for rare materials in drop)

Passive 3
Corrosion (increase all acid damage)
Metabobilism (decrease time between harvests)

Melt armor (reduce boss defense)
rainbow tech (barrage of all damage types)

static charge: likely the most valuable scientist skill.
should probably read “increase shock chance”, since thats what it does
trigger happy ties in well with other MG buffs and increases chance of your
specials to trigger
melt armor is the 2nd most common boss raid buff. i rely on others to cast it though. good if you plan on fighting a lot of the toughest bosses by yourself.
gene therapy seems utterly useless to me atm, since there is nothing worth crafting.
metabolism is another odd and oddly placed skill. by the time you can unlock it,
you have more tiles than you can handle already, and most harvest items are not interesting, since theres not much to craft. i farm my tiles for exp, and stopped when i hit level cap.
“most damage done to monsters on this island, comes from a group calling themselves “peacekeepers” odd. dontcha think?

Shred (shotgun) (ongoing damage)
Regeneration (chance of self heal)

Heavy Duty (increase defense)
Machine core (increase hit points)

Preventive measures (increase all damage output)
Diplomacy (increase chance to charm)

Riot wall (reduces damage by 5%)
Restriaining order (stun all foes for a few rounds)
regeneration: likely the most powerful skill. almost a must-have. most players start with this one. stay alive longer, deal more damage.
machine core: the reason why so many have riot wall unlocked. goes together with regen. more health to heal. stay alive longer, do more damage (im gonna sound redundant on that point)
rest order: useful only if you plan on using a adreanline/rest order manual strat often on tough bosses (covered later)

Passive 1
Upper hand (chance for speed boosts)
shatter (chance to reduce damage after attack)

Passive 2
Shifty (increase evasion chance)
hunter (rifle) increase rifle damage

Passive 3
Aim (increase overall accuracy (less misses))
Tactician (reduce cooldown time on active skills)

Bulls Eye (high damage, high crit shot)
Penetration (completely ignore enemy defense)


speed increase: always good to be 1st in battle order – you are more likely to damage another round, or getting off your charm or shock before boss responds)
shatter. from reading it, seems more powerful even than active skill penetrate, since theres a chance of repeated triggers in a battle
evasion seems nice. evade attacks, stay alive longer, do more damge. think i mentioned that before.
hunter: dont ask me why there are only single buffs for all weapons except for MGs. kinda pointless. everyone will use MGs. hope it stays this way – i love my MGs.
tactician: another pointless skill as far as i can tell. if you want to re-use your skill, visit a minion and use some adrenalin, which is cheap to come by. skill points are precious.
Penetration: dont know of anyone who risked unlocking it. might be nice, but
main problem is it only helps you one round. battles are fought by staying alive many rounds.

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general observations.
MG has several buffs, while other weapons have only one. so its an obvious choice. plus you increase the chance of triggering your extras.

skills that give you a lot of power for one turn are less interesting, since fights last many turns turns. from everything i tested, staying alive longer is far more valuable than dealing more dame per round.

for the same reason, defensive buffs (enemy damage denial, protection, hit points, heals) are usually preferred over damage increasing skills.

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the most obvious choice at the moment is to build on a variation of MG shockers.
you get all the life extending skills you need from peacekeeper and add shock skills from scientist.
where to go after this basic layout is open to discussion. but if you have 3 mg with shock ammo and some decent hitpoints,
you can do several rounds of attacks while your opponent just stares at you frozen, while you are hitting him and recovering hitpoints.

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adrenallin / rest order strat
- special strategy for killing tough bosses.
I used to loke this trick, but its grown tedious and less useful to me. still, it teaches you well about the game.
works for all shock strat players

if you’ve ever fought manual, and especially as a shocker, you will know that battles last many rounds.
in order for them not to take forever, something interesting happens around round #50
if you’re still alive then, damage on all sides suddenly explodes tenfold, to end the battle quicker.
so at round 50, you cast rest order stunning your foe for 6 rounds, where its only you dealing the massive damage not him.
1. cast rest order
2. use adrenalin to end cooldowns on active
3/4/5 fire at will
6. cast rest order
7. use adrenalin
…repeat till your out of adrenalin.
so for a minimum of 15 rounds, you deal all the insane damage, while your boss does none. the seconds he comes online though, he’ll kill you (if he’s still alive that is)

negatives: going through 50 rounds on manual is extremely boring. if you picked a boss that was too tough, you die before you reach the bonus rounds, and all was in vain. or you get to the endphase, and suddenly you encounter a game freeze. only useful for those bosses that take many rounds to kill, but not bad enough to kill you before you reach 50.

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rest order strat? wtf?