[Dungeon Inquisitor] New Update: Invest to explored areas through spies

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August 17, 2012 – Players can invest to or disrupt an area through spies to change the development level of the area. The development level will decide the average quality of the prisoners and items from the area. The distance for PvP attacks increases.

August 14, 2012 – A level 2 mistress can seduce two enemy units per turn while more experience will be needed to upgrade a mistress.

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When you say seduce, do you mean she (lvl 2 mistress) forces 2 units to miss their turns or does she “control” them and force them to attack their own allied units?

Also, can you ellaborate on the developing area part? What does average quality of units mean – is it the same large multitude of weak units such as countrywomen being mostly elite or legendary units/ or is it that we will see larger groups such as Archers coming with 6 and 7 companions instead of 3 & 4? Or is it that we will see more high level units like sorcerer and knights etc???

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The mistress only force the enemy units to miss their turns.

The developing area increase one of the attribute of attack, remote, magic, cure, defence or blood for prisoners or items from the area in a probability. The increasing value depends on the development level. And the probability depends on the particular type of the prisoners or items.