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Thank you for playing our game!
Please report any bugs or issues you may find during your session in this thread.
Remember to be as SPECIFIC as possible when describing your bug. Images are always helpful too!

Lastly, please be patient. We understand that bugs can be disruptive, but we assure you that we are always seeking to improve your play experience!

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The “Healing Tent” needs to be re calculated. Feast: 2 min for 25 hp at 10 silver, Sleep: 5 min for 50 hp at 25 silver, Tend Wounds: 12 min for 75 hp at 40 silver NoTG: 30 min for 100 hp at 1 energy. Don’t need to be an accountant to spot the increased healing options are not calculated before implementing, just buy looking at the numbers everything aside the first and the last option is inefficient in every way, I’m assuming the 4th option is only viable because energy is currently infinite.

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After completing a battle 8/10 there is a notice “We’re experiencing technical difficulties. The last thing you tried to do in the game may not have worked. Sorry.” this did not exist earlier on when i started this game and seems to allays be the case, however no progress is ever lost as far as The last thing… part of the line states. Running in Mozilla and Google chrome, latest update.

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Thank you Aimma!

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Minor issues:
When trying to repair or equip an item on inventory page 2 or more it jumps back to page 1.
Currently energy is given per level up on any fighter, leading to infinite energy as xp doesn’t scale negatively with levels. however should this be corrected per main fighter level or the slaves freed level, then the current energy limit and regeneration rate would be far too small.

Gameplay Issues:
Repairing as I understand it costs gold when the hammers are up, that should not be the case, maybe a choice hammer or 20 silver/durability point or something along the lines?
Silver tax buildings currently get re captured too randomly and far to frequently, a heads up on the next recapture time and way to intercept would help out a lot.
Training – if you can play for 5 hrs and unlock 29 × 3 training possibilities that provides 348hrs of upgrading then its only going to result in most players playing the game for 3 – 4 min in a day aside silver farming to go afk for the remainder of the week, perhaps give some stats increase on fighter levelling up with a few available for training at perhaps a longer cool-down.
KO – if someone gets KO’d currently that means stop playing the game come back in an hr or 3hrs if you remember else tomorrow, that cant be a good thing especially when getting beaten becomes more common for those who try out what might be a close win (6v6 fight that resulted in 3 casualties even if won personally feels like the worst loss possible).

Sorry for the long post.

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Territory capture bug:
Benevento – bottom left of the map, 2 silver structures I’ve recaptured them but they are still under Roman occupation. It has been 12 hrs since I originally captured them and only recently logged in to get notice of Roman take over. I assume that Romans have simply taken over it multiple times due to me owning it for 12 hrs hence 1 successful recapture from me does not suffice but this is speculation.

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First of all, great game.

I recaptured the benevento farms, and not gone back to roman occupation after a glitch (“experiencing technical difficulties”). One of my characters was healed instantaneously (5 minutes remained) after such glitch.

I would suggest to show the story info only once (people know where they have to go once told), especially if one can load the game 5times in 15 minutes :)

Regarding the healing costs, I thought this implied a cjoice between efficiency and ease of use.

Regarding the repairs, seems that the gear gets broken quite fast, and I think harder gear or more gear taken from the romans wouldbe more realistic.

Could there be a silver-gold trade ?

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Hi guys!

Thank you so much for the feedback and for working hard to find these issues. We’ll dedicate our resources into squashing these bugs as soon as humanly possible.
As far as your balancing comments, we’re taking measures to rebalance the game already. In fact, our next release should get rid of the reoccupations. We are considering also allowing players to purchase Anvils using Silver as well.

Lastly, we want to improve the game load flow so that players don’t have to click as much to get in and begin fighting (e.g. the story information).

Thank you again!

- Large Animal Games

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Major game issue:

stats display – the game currently displays stats from gear and training it does not however display how level factors into it thus providing completely inaccurate information when comparing to the enemy.

some background on this as follows: my lvl 9 fighter with 109 attak 121 defence and 5 speed against a lvl 23 npc fighter with 23 attack/defence and some 10 speed. the result of the fight was after about 10 rounds i managed to do less than 10% damage to the enemy with 1/4 my stats, this is incredibly misleading even though most players do assume higher levels are passively stronger the game should either display how much stronger or at least give a notion that “You do not fight enemy 3 levels higher as they get 99% damage reduction” or something along those lines.

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More on the territory recapture bug:

After triggering it a few times it seams that conquering the territory in south-west actually recaptures a territory north of it the first time around. perhaps a mistake in quest to location connection?

Quest bug:
On the Caserta after completing the compulsory story missions some remained in the notice log on the left hand side, I don’t know if its preventing some of the better random quests initiating but its still an obvious bug unless I’m missing something.

Minor game issue:

For ease of use please allow the player to allocate the default fighter selection order (especially needed once on map 3+ where you must train some lower fighter before going in). It becomes tedious having to brows your fighter list 3 – 5 times looking for the one you want to pick every fight when you have to do 20 or more to get them prepared for “The Mines”.

Aside the expensive (but so worth it) weapons, as far as equipment is concerned the game runs out of content pretty early. While on the note of inventory, please split them into 3 tabs “premium”/“Standard”(silver cost)/“Influence”, I’m sure there’s room to advertise premium gear in the other 2 tabs.

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Critical Bug (disables story line quests):

The “we are experiencing technical issues” notice comes up on map 4, in 90% of the cases the next battle I’ve unlocked by winning the current one will be cancelled on the map. This bug has now disabled my main story quest so I cant continue with the game. this error still continues almost every time I get a quest positioned on a structure and yes after every auto-refresh that quest is no longer on the map. I believe this glitch may also be responsible for many inactive structures in previous maps but again that’s speculation.

Audio glitch:
if the sound is muted then the page closed/refreshed upon return unmuting it seems to do nothing in most cases. the only current solution ive found is unmute the sound reload the game then the sound initiates properly.

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Critical Bug (disables story line quests):

4 technical issues later, the quest has reappeared. refreshing the browser twice didn’t help I did however do roughly 8 battles on the map before triggering the technical issues that reset the map with the quest on it. on a side note some of the quests on structures have returned and not bugged up this time.

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Quest 1: the previous duplicate mission still persistent. Whereas completing a quest removes another quest marker from the map and grants u the silver structure if relevant however upon returning to the map the battle that was just won is yet again available

Quest 2: Avellino this is after completing the area and returning to it. If you drag the map to the far right so that the black “off screen” zone is visible there is a quest there, cant actually read the description it was 3 fighters lvl 25,38,51 in that order reward being 6 slaves and 600 silver. Strangely enough after completing this quest and changing maps I can’t drag the map far enough to the right to see if the quest has reappeared there or not.

Quest Log: still have the ghost quests. Being 1 time or storyline that already completed .

Rage: The bar defiantly not the most user friendly thing with the 1 – 0.5 seconds to actually click the circle. However once accustomed to it’s quite insanely easy to use aside the fact that half the time it forces you to kill your own fighters (previous post for more info).

Repair: hammers can be farmed at the rate of 1 hammer event per 3 to 4 battles. I know most will hate me for saying this, but that’s too frequent considering late game I’m using 10 every 40 or so battles (top 3 fighters only ware down weapons).

Silver structure: Collection makes a sound and updates the supply in the tool bar but most of the time on the map it shows still available and doesn’t display the value u collected n click. This happens about half the time. Odds are flash acting up on my end, depends on other users I guess. Love the romans recapture disable btw.


Fighter level: reduce the level advantage drastically or seriously increase the xp per level requirement (though that will possibly only delay the problem). Currently I can use 3 lvl 89 but naked fighters to farm lvl 50 – 62s while still 1 hit killing all enemy’s.

Silver: acquisition far surpasses demand, though it is a LOT of fun to acquire a high exchange rate currency rapidly it does need somewhat “cash sink” for as 4k for some of the best current armour can be acquired in roughly 5 min of battles (guess how many 50dmg swords I’m juggling…) and that’s even if the energy wasn’t bugged.

Content 1: we got battles and basically pvp for a secondary currency for which the reward doesn’t really vary from the standard (perhaps make capes and other accessories for pvp only currency this can become extremely in depth selling maybe skills?… ).

Content 2: battles (PVP/NPC are carried out identically so no points for variance), gear shopping and 3 option upgrade. That’s less than there is in most 3 star flash games(non mmo), to put it simply more variety or make the current aspects somewhat in depth (based on coming soon visible on some maps I’m hoping this point is void).

Helpful idea:
When I look at this game it takes me back to “Gladius” on the PS2. I highly recommend having a quick glance through it as it is one of the best overlooked games of the arena genre.

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Have some ghost quests too.

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Thank you for your comments. We will be looking at the balancing and bug reports as soon as we can.

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Community issue? (not realy sure ho to categorise this one heh)
Role-backs don’t feel too good, especial when they seem to have sent a week of progress to the bin. Heads up would be nice in the future and some sign that you care about the damage caused would be appreciated. Maybe I’m just wining, cant help it suppose.

PS. gifts/bribes and other motivators are highly appreciated. If its likely they will be wiped anyway I guess no harm? :P

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would be a great game if it didnt disconect everytime i cliked on a mission, dont make me bring the vengance of rome down upon thee

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“As far as your balancing comments, we’re taking measures to rebalance the game already. In fact, our next release should get rid of the reoccupations. We are considering also allowing players to purchase Anvils using Silver as well.”

How about you can purchase an actual anvil or whatever you need to repair armor, weapons etcetera.. Or take the route of using a timing system like with healing to repair these items would be great. It would force you to carry extra equip if your inpatient and you could still use the current anvil/ repair system for expensive or very worn down items that may take longer to repair.

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Quest bug: Made the mistake not to click on the quest icons before getting the tutorial inside the camp. Now the tutorial-quests remain active but the tutorial-thingys can’t be resetted and I won’t get the silver for fulfilling the quests.

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still crashes a lot.

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Yeah roger that great game but crashes every 5-6 frames……

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It’s been awhile since the crashing bug has been reported and the game still crashes every so often, anything being done about it ? or is this the end of this game ?