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Aug 22 Improvements
Treasure Rush
Paper’s Rebellion

Upgrade Magic 80%-100%
Forge platinum mode and supreme mode 30% off
Mine War silver 200%

Duration: Permanent
Arena system and new map: Tchi

Arena System
Duration: Permanent
Description: Arena is a Player vs Player system in which one can issue challenges against other players and earns rank and rewards.
1. Entry Requirements: Arena is available for TC level≥21
2. Challenge rules
a) Challenge Chance: Players need chance to challenge. 5 free chances are given to each player at 00:00 daily and each player can hold a maximum of 5 free chances. If a player holds 5 or more chances (regardless given or bought), no more chances will be given.
E.g. Before 00:00, if you have 1 chance, and after 00:00, it will become 5; if you have 8 chances, after 00:00, it will still be 8.

Challenge chances can be purchased, the prices are:
Chances 1-5 6-10 ≥11
Cost 20 gold 40 gold 80 gold

b) Challenge CD: There is a 15 min CD between each challenge attempt. It can be reset by using gold and the costs are:
15 min -12 min: 5 gold
12 min -9 min: 4 gold
9 min – 6 min: 3 gold
6 min-3 min: 2 gold
<3 min: 1 gold

c) Challenge Rank Interval: Players can only challenge players of certain interval according to their own ranks.
Rules of Challenge:
Player Rank
≥6000 Challenge Rank Interval is 100
2000-5999 Challenge Rank Interval is 50
200-1999 Challenge Rank Interval is 10
100-199 Challenge Rank Interval is 5
31-99 Challenge Rank Interval is 2
30-1 Challenge Rank Interval is 1

For example:
A player’s rank is 6100,he has 9 challenge targets who are at following ranks:
A player ranks 99 will have targets: 97、95、93、91、89、87、85、83、81

d) Challenge History: 15 latest challenge reports will be kept.
e) Upward Challenge: Players are only allowed to challenge higher rank players whereas top 3 player can challenge both higher and lower rank players.

3. Ranking
a) Initial Ranking: It is determined by the first time when players enter Arena. The earlier one comes, he receives higher initial ranking.
b) Rank Climbing: A player can increase his rank by successfully challenging higher rank players.

4. Winning Streak
a) Types of Winning Streak:
Winning streak of 5: 20000 Silver+2 Gold
Winning streak of 10:50000 Silver+5 Gold
Winning streak of 20:100000 Silver+10 Gold
Winning streak of 50:500000 Silver+50 Gold
Winning streak of 100:1000000 Silver+100 Gold

b) Winning Streak counts voluntary challenge: A player issued challenge against 4 other players and won them all. He was then defeated in a challenge issued by another player. He still receives the Winning Streak of 5 should he wins the voluntary challenge against the 5th player. However, his streak count resets when he lost any voluntary challenge.

c) Winning Streak rewards: one player can only receive first 5-winning streak reward, first 10-winning streak rewards, first 20-winning-streak reward and so on.

5. Rewards and Remaining Time:
a) Remaining time: it triggers as soon as a player takes a rank and counts down at 04:30:00.
b) Specific rewards are closely related to the remaining time interval and getting better as the remaining time approaches 0. Here are the lists of rewards with random drop rate:
Silver, forage

Honor, RP

Gold, fortune wheel chances, levy times

c) There are two ways to collect the rewards. First, one player can defeat another player to collect the reward; second, upon remaining time reaching 0, player himself can collect the reward if no one can defeat him.
d) One player’s remaining time will be reset when the reward is collected.

6. Ranking Rewards
Delivery time: 00:00 daily
Random receive one from the 3 rewards. Rewards will be delivered automatically.
Rank Reward
1 3 MCU\3 wheal chances\3 levy
2 2 MCU \2 wheal chances \2 levy
3 1 MCU \1 wheal chances \1 levy

7. Ranking Announcement at 00:00, 05:00, 10:00, 15:00 and 20:00 daily.

New Map: Tchi
Unlock requirement: Defeat Firepeak
Map Background
Tchi is a stunning green flatland filled with a vast number of plantations. Running creeks cut this landscape into pieces of large and small, flourish the rarest-seen flowers found on this continent.

Hero Introduction

Elite Force

Legion Drop:Orange DEF Totem-Saint Turtle Fr.
Map Drop:Orange Token-Soul of King

 Upgrade Magic 80%-100%
Duration: Aug 22 Maintenance- Aug 29 Maintenance

 Forge platinum mode and supreme mode 30% off
Duration: Aug 22 Maintenance- Aug 29 Maintenance

 Mine War silver 200%
Duration: Aug 22 Maintenance- Aug 29 Maintenance

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