[WarMage Battlegrounds] Release Notes for Beta Version 1.10 (locked)

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Burst is excited to announce the release of the next great update to WarMage Battlegrounds. Highlights include over a dozen new Battle Units, over 65 new achievements, and more!

Release Notes for Beta Version 1.10

New Content

  • New Battle Units: Meet the Elf Treeweaver, Faery Cuttingedge, Faery Thornflinger, Faery Wingmender, Faery Zephryder, Giant Destroyer, Giant Stomper, Minotaur Abattoir, Minotaur Hammer Bearer, Minotaur Picador, Sinta Lightning Singer, Sinta Razor Paws, and Sinta Shade of Night! (more info on new units in next post)
  • New Achievements: Over 65 new achievements have been added.
  • New Enemies: Three new enemies have joined the Savages ranks! Be careful when battling in the Sullen Marsh.

Battleground Updates

  • Battlegrounds Mode: A cut-throat, 3-player, free-for-all battleground is now open in Sullen Marsh. Cut-Throat, free-for-all battles can be found in Create a Battle.
  • Defend Mode: Structures now have a unique indicator representing their health. Defend Green Wood (Camps) is now available for both Solo and Co-op play. Defend Green Wood (Camps): Difficult Solo and Co-Op Daily Bounties have been added. Defend Green Wood (Camps): Extreme Solo and Co-Op Daily Bounties have been added. 32 new achievements have been added.
  • Explore Mode: 32 new achievements have been added.
  • Tutorial: Tutorial now uses a mix of races instead of just Humans.

Battle Unit Updates

  • The Dwarf Sapper has upgraded his bombs to hidden traps.
  • The morale cost of Elf Heretoth;s Whisper ability now scales with number of units in the squad.
  • The Giant Juggernaught still blocks Line of Sight (LoS) but is now targetable by ranged units.
  • The amount of healing done by the Human Cleric’s Restoring Circle has been greatly increased and it no longer heals the Cleric.
  • The Sinta Shadow Warrior’s portrait art has been upgraded.

Other Updates

  • Gifts tab is now called Rewards.
  • Cyclops now has a heavy walk cycle sound instead of the standard walk cycle sound.
  • New WarMage creation has been simplified to allow players the ability to get in-game quicker. When creating a new WarMage, players can select gender, skin tone, facial structure, and name. Players can then use the Store and WarMage Information Panel to further customize their appearance – choose a new outfit, hair style, hair color, and more!
  • When examining a Battle Unit, Movement information has been moved from Basic Information to Battle Stats.
  • When in Battle, Battle Stats is now the default information shown when a unit is examined.
  • The flags on the world map now indicate Battle Mode
  • The Region Window has been streamlined for ease of use, including new icons to represent the different Game Modes.

Known Issue

  • The new achievements released with 1.10 do not properly credit battles towards completion. This will be resolved in a future update.
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Info on New Battle Units

  • Elf Treeweaver: Can do crushing damage and use Life Magic to grow trees to block the way.
  • Faery Cuttingedge: Slashes her enemies with summoned blades.
  • Faery Thornflinger: Pierces her enemies with the magic barbs of the rose.
  • Faery Wingmender: Uses Life Magic to hurt her enemies and restore her allies.
  • Faery Zephryder: Uses Air Magic to attack single enemy squads, often knocking them backwards.
  • Giant Destroyer: Crushes enemies beneath a truly giant hammer, frequently causing knockback. Blocks line of sight.
  • Giant Stomper: A single kick from a Giant Stomper causes crushing damage and often knocks enemy squads backward. He is the swiftest of the Giants.
  • Minotaur Abattoir: Wielding a butcher’s cleaver, she slashes single enemy squads. Retaliates and attacks passing enemy squads. May cause internal injuries.
  • Minotaur Hammer Bearer: Crushes single enemy squads with a hammer. Retaliates if attacked. May cause internal injuries.
  • Minotaur Picador: Uses a lance to pierce single enemy squads. Can pierce, crush, cause internal injuries and knockback when cornered. Retaliates if attacked.
  • Sinta Lightning Singer: Can pierce single enemies or channel Air Magic through her sai to both pierce and shock multiple squads. Any nearby friendly squad received Recharge of the Pride.
  • Sinta Razor Paws: Can crush and pierce a single enemy or slash and pierce multiple enemies. Will retaliate if attacked.
  • Sinta Shade of Night: Has an affinity with Death Magic. She can strike her enemies from affair, Whisper herself through space, or even transform briefly into a Death Dragon.